Thursday, October 27, 2011

Joker's The Vision Is Here [DWNLD] [VIDEO]

A few years ago, I sat in front of the local shop MOOG Audio with Xi and had a long discussion on music. We spent a bit of time speaking on dubstep and I offered my opinion as someone who loved the art, but was certainly on the outside looking in. I told him that the sound was ripe for a windfall in America. I simply felt it was ready to break out, and there would need to be ambassadors to take it from it's rooted underground to a more popular level. Proof was the night I was given a guest slot at a popular hip hop and R&B night, and ended my set w/ a touch of melodic dubstep. To my shock and awe, I got some applause. That was a groundbreaking moment.
FFWD to present day, a lesser form of the sound may have taken sudden hold in America as James Blake pointed out, but there is room for truer sounds to emerge.
Enter ambassador Joker.
The Bristol badman, who had a slew of scintillating releases and had certainly shot to the top of the chain, and was one of the more recognized names. So, with dubstep's momentum, it was time for the young genius to take the sound of that Bristol bounce to a whole new audience, and the timing could not be better.
Due to land on North American shores will be Joker's LP: The Vision

Much of this had been circulating the internet for some time, but I thought the time was right to throw a post up, to a man's sound a full respected. Ironically, when Joker's 1st single dropped, I wasn't so enamored - until I heard the mans on Anti Social run it on Rinse FM, and it suddenly the beat blossomed right before my ears. That classic 140 with palatable vocals, a sound that was primed for wider acceptance and success, as proven by the likes of Katy B and Magnetic Man. as one example.
But amongst the half dozen or so vocal tracks on the The Vision, you still have much of the bottom rattling low end, and silvery sound that propelled Joker's rise, a sound which was heard on classics - and now a LP track - like on TRON.

[download] via 4AD


1. Intro
2. Here Come The Lights [featuring Silas (Turboweekend)]
3. Tron
4. The Vision (Let Me Breathe) [featuring Jessie Ware]
5. Milky Way
6. Level 6 (Interlude)
7. My Trance Girl
8. Lost [featuring Buggsy & Otis Brown]
9. On My Mind [featuring William Cartwright]
10 Back In The Days [featuring Buggsy, Shadz, Scarz & Double (KHK-SP)]
11. Electric Sea [featuring Jay Wilcox]
12. The Magic Causeway [Joker & Ginz Outro]

You can stream the whole record over at Fader right now, and pre orders of the LP will also get instrumental versions of the vocal tracks. SAY WRD.

The Vision by Joker drops from 4AD on Halloween in EU but on Nov 8th 2011 in North America.


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