Monday, October 31, 2011

Eat More Blunt Guts [DWNLD]

I had this bookmarked item that I needed to research. It was this banger from homie heRobust i heard randomly. After a few emails back and forth, he reminded me that he had been slotted on this comp Eat More Blunt Guts. A few clicks later, I was reminded it was curated by cats i've known for a hot min. After looking at the track list, it all made sense. Say wrd.

Eat More Blunt Guts was curated by the good ppl over at Blunt Guts Nation, cats I met originally in MIA and then kept seeing at international events. I last ran into them in MTL in 2009 during this tour I was on with Flying Lotus for RBMA. I know these guys know the time.
So it was no surprise that I heard great material, featuring the likes of UNDA, eLan, heRobust of course, Sir Froderic, AshTreJinkins as well as locals Sunclef + Sylvermayne.

Go ahead and enjoy this comp from some good cats from ATL as it's been made available as a free download.


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