Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dirg Gerner: Rubies & Diamonds ft Fatima

Ho Tep has once again unearthed a treasure from it's coffers. Emerging in it's full luster and shine is Dirg Gerner of origins unknown. Similar to his unveiling of ARP 101, very little details were available other than the fact that Dirg Gerner includes long time producer fLako. That's it.
Due for a Oct 31 2011 releases, the Preface EP will feature the likes of Rahel, Fatima and Olmino, drawing on soul, jazz, latin, hip hop and beyond on the 5 track release. Word is that lyrics were even written in papyrus.
Rubies & Diamonds ft Fatima is a beautifully slow ballad with these echoing keys and chords floating up and down the sequence, all produced in with a stellar simplicity embracing the soul of yesteryears in a 2011 like sonata.

Rubies & Diamonds ft Fatima

Stay tuned for more.


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