Monday, October 31, 2011

Dataset Clothing Presents Future Sounds Of San Diego

Something I came across just a few days back was this compilation due to drop from San Diego clothiers Dataset Clothing. Future Sounds Of San Diego is a comp due to drop soon, exclusively from Big Up Magazine showcasing talents coming from the city of San Diego. So often when mentioning bass music, beat music, beat science and all derivatives, we oft think of California, we think of Los Angeles. But San Diego might be sitting unremembered and unrecognized possibly due LA's long shadow. This comp is here to clear that smoke, and shed some light what's happening in the coastal city. Enter Dataset Clothing to show us the ways with Future Sounds Of San Diego.

Featured will be some names that we're certain you've come across like eLan and Mike Gao, and others that I know I'm now discovering.


Hippie Sabotage – The Heist
Puppy Kicker – Something Swanky
Nino Señeris – You Know
Mastah Syphe – 40oz Bounce
eLan – What’s Up Now
Elk Beats – Gravitron
Sleeve – Telepathicrisis
Misk – Snot Sonata
Dj Pound – Paved Paths (RMX Instrumental)
Mike Gao – Nice and Easy
Miguex – Snoop & Pharrell – Let’s Get Blown (RMX)
EshOne – Metals and Solids
88:88 – Dub Hop
HMT. DM.T – Breakfast Hash
Austin Speed – Arcadia
DNGone – Torqux – Psycopath [RMX]
Griefshare – Tomorrowland of Broken Worlds
Illuminauts – Animo!
Dusty Nix & LEIF(kolt) – The Binary Code

Be sure to check with Dataset Clothing for more info on the Future Sounds Of San Diego comp and drop dates.


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