Friday, October 7, 2011

Another Dimension: Jellyfish Recordings [DWNLD]

In what can be described as desultory digital drifting (surfing the net), I stumbled upon this compilation on bandcamp. Another Dimension, was released by the ppl at Jellyfish Recordings as a fund raiser The Arts Umbrella which is an arts education company based in Vancouver, after basic label operating costs were covered. Vancouver?? Nice. Was very pleased to see more popping form the west as I oft wondered what was taking place in the west coast.

Overseen and A&R'ed by Eli Muro who also performs under Headspace, this was released as a follow up to the 2010 compilation. All acts on the comp are Canadian outside of one from Switzerland (Chief), and showcase the growing scene in the west coast for that 90 some bpm beat science sound. Say wrd.

The compilation is available on a name your price deal. Scoop it right up at their bandcamp, and support the arts!


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