Friday, September 16, 2011

Sweatson Klank on Mary Anne Hobbs Aug 2011 [STREAM]

Maybe unbeknownst to many, Mary Anne Hobbs is not only back on radio, but is now on 5 days/week. Monday through Thursday 8-11p GMT and Saturdays 7-10 GMT (America, do the math and tune in), you can hear her introduce the world to either young new cats, or some of her fave producers from around the globe as they ready their releases and offer exclusive mixes for her programs in Xfm. Those mixes are all archived here for all to relive. And there are some great ones. Much like the one from Sweatson Klank, formerly known as Take. Sweatson Klank has been preparing to release an LP full if new tracks, many I had the op to listen to when I was last in LA recently. Be prepared: some heavy, audacious and adventurous sounds will be coming from the LA stalwart. He offered some of it to Mary Anne Hobbs for his feature mix in late August.



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