Monday, September 5, 2011

Robin Hannibal: Bobby EP [DWNLD]

Copenhagen raised Robin Hannibal, who was the driving force behind Quadron, Owusu & Hannibal, the famed Boom Clap Bachelors is finally dropping this well rumored Bobby EP.

The multi instrumentalist who has been the fave of many aficionados around the world, including the likes of Gilles P, ?uesto and Skateboard P aka Pharrel Williams, has finally released the works that he sees most rewarding: his own. So in this Bobby EP, we are confronted with the recognized brilliance, the soul and sound that landed him as a lecturer at the RBMA (where I 1st met him w/ Phil Owusu in Toronto).
Bobby EP is his interpretation of a beat record, though it features more vocals that most have ever arranged on such a concept, and possibly more music with Robin handling all production and performance duties. But again, this was his vision.



And as a little bonus, a featured podcast that was curated for avant-gardist Plug Research, and features some of the new music on Bobby EP. The whole mix is available for download.

Robin Hannibal - Plug Research Podcast #12 by Plug Research


kalimba 1 - robin hannibal - unreleased
plastic - robin hannibal - bobby ep
voltaire - robin hannibal - bobby ep
samba de verão - quadron - red hot rio 2
if 6 was 8 - szjerdene - single
knight of the black book - IOU - this is IOU
monster - owusu and hannibal - living with.
kalimba 2 - bobby august - unrealeased
million babies - owusu and hannibal - living with.
look ma - robin hannibal - unreleased
mor - robin hannibal - unreleased
skynd dig langsomt - boom clap bachelors - mellem dine læber
let u go - robin hannibal - unrealeased

Bobby EP lands in worldwide stores tomorrow on Plug Research, and should be one that learned beat fanatics as well as curious soul supporters and all around music fans should dig. You can scoop that here.



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