Monday, September 19, 2011

Pollyn: Cold Sweat ft Roc Marciano [DWNLD]

YUP. Love this. Love them. I still don't recall how I came across the Pollyn band some time back, but I think it might have been via their impressive catalog of remixes, that led me back to LPs - in a kinda of reverse discovery. In fact, it was the brilliant Still Love 12" which featured fantastic rmxs from Blue Daisy, Sid Roams and Débruit, on top of a BIG original version. They appeared on my guest mix for All City in fact... I've had nothing but praise for Pollyn, who has made of a point of featuring powerful remixes of many of their pieces on separate EPs/12s" + stepping out and commissioning chef d'œuvres from the cornucopia of producers from the SoCal community.
Just moments go they tweeted out a freebie for mass consumption.

Featured is a single entitled Cold Sweat from the forth coming LP. Not only does this track step out of their usual self described downtempo, atmospheric and post modern trip hop sound delivering a fast and tempo'ed track, they also engage Roc Marciano, one of NY's most vivd painters of thug imagery on a rap canvas. Yup. I couldn't imagine a more clashing collaboration on paper, but it totally works.

Cold Sweat Featuring Roc Marciano by Pollyn

Do yourself a favor a download the track, grab the lead off EP which features a the single + a rmx by San Diego's eLan (nice), and lookout for their new LP due in Oct.



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