Saturday, September 3, 2011

Option Command's Horizon Glow EP [DWNLD]

In what I will file under 'how in the?'. As usual, between all the emails I receive and send myself, I also try to get @ everything in time - as much as possible.
A Canadian indie King Deluxe has released an EP from an Aussie cat Option Command. The Horizon Glow EP has just dropped and we're treated to music much created in the spirit of commands, codes and compiling.

Horizon Glow EP is a dedication to the true defender of digital, believer of the 8bit beat and slow synth sound though sequenced with that one intangible: soul. Drawing comparison to an early melodious Cupp Cave, Option Command compiles 6 tracks in what is sure to be the 1st of many more synthphonies to come.

You can listen to the entire Horizon Glow EP which is now available for purchase.

Horizon Glow EP by Option Command

You can also download a lower bit rate version for free.




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