Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Onra: Japanese Exclusive from All City [DWNLD]

Onra's been a little quiet no?? In a convo we had just a few days ago, I asked about this rumored Japanese exclusive coming from All City. I was wrong. Not only was it an exclusive 7", it was also a never to see light of digital release day exclusive.

So all you All City aficionados, make your move and make it quick. Who knows how many of these went to press. But what you can expect in this 7", is a follow up to the acclaimed Long Distance LP, chopping up like he does that futuristic funk, that bombastic boogie in 2 tracks that he has been patiently waiting to release.

Onra - Edits (ACOJ7x1) by allcitydublin


1. Change Of Heart
2. Keep On Loving Me

You can scoop one of the riddims from the good ppl @ XLR8R.



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