Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mad Hop vol 3 [VIDEO] [DWNLD]

Le web is so crazy! There's nothing better than catching a compilation in it's 3rd of 4th installment. ;) Makes you realize how much is out there (cue in dreams of starting your own label/imprint). But, there will always be the element of discovery which is priceless. Caught wind of this comp from a tweet earlier today, and low and behold... Mad Hop v3.

V3?? Where have I been?? Nonetheless, what we have here is a classic glitchy, hip hop reinterpretation of the new sound that has emerged world wide. And we do mean world wide. This Mad Hop v3 compilation features talent from all corners of the world, including little Canada [insert blushing face]. Names, like Huess, Pixelord, Lambent and Powell (UK, RU, GER and FRA) alone take you across several borders, but the sound is as unified as the UN: beat music.

Here's a promo video of the Mad Hop v3

You can go ahead and download the comp and enjoy.


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