Friday, September 30, 2011

Kromestar: Parallel Sounds EP


I can't begin to tell you HOW LONG i've been looking fwd to getting a hold on this. Coming from the entrails of Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge Recordings, is the 2nd release from the young start up featuring Kromestar on the buttons. This is where I have to tip my hats off to radio. I would always hear some of this newness played on Anti Social's radio show on Rinse and was hooked. Now, it's coming out November 7th 2011. Amazing.


A1. Don't Make Sense
A2. 2012
B1. In 2 Minds
B2. Outer Limits (ft Team Starfleet)

Crystal clarity, sharp drums, irresistible melodies, all in sequence on Kromestar's stellar Parallel Sounds EP. From the tremendous 4/4 banger that is Don't Make Sense, to that planetary piece that is Outer Limits, this EP will be one to get a hold of - no questions. Parallel Sounds EP is due November 7th 2011. Another strong release from Cosmic Bridge Recordings.


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