Thursday, September 29, 2011

James Pants: Pants Beats [2001-2007] [DWNLD]


James Pants is that dude. Not seen or heard form him in a little. I mean, he came through Toronto quite a few times as he was releasing his works w/ Stones Throw. Saw him in MIA for WMC, then was in SPA for Sonar and then poof. Hadn't heard form dude in a min. But then last week, I locked into his 1st appearance at BoilerroomTV and that was - as expected - wild. More wild was the BoilerromTV host calling him James Blake incessantly. #fail.
Nonetheless, just a few days past, this beat tape archive was unearthed.

If you've heard or seen James Pants rawk out, this beat tape will make all the sense: sounds, loops all as nonconformist as his shows, which is the real beauty of it.

This is in fact a refreshing little batch of beats (all 32) for fans to enjoy. And by the sounds of it, there might be much more coming. You can scoop it over @ the Stones Throw site.


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