Friday, September 30, 2011

Freeform's Waveform Compilation

There certainly isn't dearth of compilations right now. They seem to be popping up left, right, center and along the Z axis as well. ;)
But be it the product is there, but so is the demand. Music fans are turning a new leaf daily, and this beat scene is one of the newest beneficiaries.
Artist owned and operated FreeForm Records has now released a new comp for the listeners.

Featuring some of the known names from this environment as well as some less familiar ones, this 20 track beat bouillabaisse will spotlight on the sound that has been known to straddle the line between jazz, hip hop w/ pinches of electronic to flavor, but will always make all heads bob with that non quantized swing.

It's available starting today. Hit the bandcamp for more deets.



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