Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brenk Sinatra Cooks Up Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly) [DWNLD]

In what was my apprenticeship that was this beat music phenomenon some years back, I still recall messing about all these recipes and tasting all sorts of savory dishes from all corners the world. Soul food, French pastries, Asian delicacies, but our fave chef is back. What seemed like an eternity, is now but a distant memory as we welcome master chef, our boy Brenk aka Brenk Sinatra back in the fold. And this time, he's come to the pot luck with a brand new dish: Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly)

Some might recall Gumbo, his original LP with a recipe which left even the most indigenous Louisiana citizen agape with jealousy, asking: who is this Viennese virtuoso?? This time around, the beats are bolder, the snares spicier, kicks more scrumptious and the samples still well chopped.
With most tracks not exceeding the 2 min mark, Brenk serves a type of bouillabaisse in a tangy tapas style, never allowing us to be full of any one track and leaving room for the remainder of the menu. Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly) is produced in a classic beat tape style, but still with the variation and transition missing in many of the bountiful bland beat tapes out now.


01. Intro
02. Murda Dem
03. Lupo
04. Whereva
05. Everyday Scenario
06. Dedicated
07. Anotha Sip
08. Nite Ridah 2k11
09. Shangri-La
10. Can’t Seem To Forget
11. Anotha All Nighta
12. One Daaay
13. Perdido [download]
14. Bright Foozel
15. Wheneva
16. The Spirit Of Chad Butler
17. Grindas Skit
18. Hit U
19. Body Skit
20. Wolves 2 (Still Hungry)
21. Tryin
22. Intruda
23. It’s Yours (Outro)

Here are some of my faves: One Daaay, Wheneva, Wolves 2, and you can sample the rest of the the LP below.

Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly) is due in stores September 23rd 2011, and will be available world wild on Melting Pot Music. Pretty tasty.


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