Friday, September 30, 2011

ARP 101 Groove/U

ARP 101 is in the building.

Dude has been a little quiet. All good. As I love to get great news from cats I've not heard from for a min. We had the chance to sit and chat back in the summer when he was in Toronto on un-ARP101 related matters but he promised to come back to rock soon. In the interim, I first got an email in August with new music, and word of a new EP. Nice. Then came the last one just a few weeks back and more details. So here they are:

From Eglo Records is the once ordained secret weapon (yes) as Alex Nut once described him on his show, ARP 101. Returning with a 3 track EP, our fave producer of throwback bangers quietly comes in with another formidable release. ARP 101's new 12" conjures images of old club scenes of Lee jeans, silk shirts, oversized shades, Monte Carlos and speeding Stingrays with music pumping out of 808s and harmonies from the vocoder. Charming chords, deft drum programming and luscious leitmotif dominate throughout the tracks. One of my faves form this 12" is the slowed U, which has the feel of a slow james more than double time bizness, in a Computa Love from B Bravo type feel. If you've not picked up ARP 101 pieces in the past, let this one serve as baptism.

U by ARP▲101


2. Groove.
3. True.

This is apparently out now on wax on Eglo Records, and I predict will be available in the next week or so on digital.




  1. Damn, already heard those on the guest mixes on Alex Nuts show on rinse - delicious stuff, gonna have to cop this. Thx for the heads up and praise due for your blog from a regular reader - hailin from germany

  2. Thx for the kindest words. Glad you like it.


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