Thursday, August 4, 2011

Your Body: Chris Brown (prod. by Hudson Mohawke) [VIDEO] [DWNLD]

So last year, I was alerted to a video that has just started to circulate. Seemed like Chris Brown had taken a liking to a Hudson Mohawke track and what started out as an apparent semi fan video (on Chris Brown's part) became a lead off single and video for a new Chris Brown record: Your Body.

For those familiar tw/ Hudson Mohawke's work, we know this is Rising 5 from Butter. For all others, welcome.
We knew that there was surely going to be a major R&B act to knock on his door, though Chris Brown had not been the one discussed on that show w/ Benji B a few years back. Still a great look if you ask me.
Anyhow, Chris Brown, Just Blaze, they know wassup.

And for those who want to collect Hudmo's music, Chris Brown put out a mix tape featuring your body. You can scoop that up here: Boy In Detention by Chris Brown.

Say wrd.



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