Monday, August 15, 2011

Rinse FM Presents A Visual retrospective

Happening now until Aug 22 2011, we have an exhibit showcasing the art that has been associated w/ famed Rinse FM among other works by designer Give Up Art and photog Shaun Bloodworth.

I've actually always wondered why such an exhibit doesn't happen more often. Give Up Art and Mr Bloodworth have made a career of design and photography for labels and artists. Flyer and LP artwork are to me one of the 1st things to catch someone's eye, and ultimately is part if the whole package of the event. How many times have you seen banging flyers saved, or posters ripped from walls for archiving? How many times have you grabbed a LP/CD based on the artwork alone?? Right.

So London, head out to the Truman Brewery

Rinse FM Presents: A Visual Retrospective
The works of Shaun Bloodworth and Give Up Art
Shop 14 (near Hanbury Street), Truman Brewery, Brick Lane
Monday to Friday 1100 – 2000 / Sunday 1200 – 1800
Entrance is free.

Show love.



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