Monday, August 29, 2011

Ras G Live @ TNMFestiwal [STREAM]

What an epic set. I was engaging in my usual all day lounge on a Saturday, making my rounds of radio online, when in mid afternoon I was reminded that there was a live stream of the Mary Anne Hobbs stage @ Poland's TNM Festiwal.
Ras G stepped on stage and .... BOOM. The rest was history. Watching the crisp BoilerroomTV feed was incredible - I WAS THERE. More so, i got to see Ras G raise his hands and seemingly cast a spell on agape onlookers, only to get back down to business working that SP-404 to it's limitations. Amazing.

I happened to archive the show for my own enjoyment, and cleared it w/ him to share and stream. So here it is.

Ras G Live @ TNMFestiwal August 27th 2011



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