Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Old Klouds: Kurated by House Shoes

Sometime back, Knxwledge made mention of something that sounded like a Klouds 2 as a follow up to the successful Klouds which came from All city.
This time around, we are in sight of a noctilucent cloud, a new record from Knxwledge - kurated by House Shoes from Detroit: Old Klouds

Essentially, this is a comp featuring a number of tracks which were not selected for Klouds the 1st time around, and now assembled for record. Still the sharp snares and kicks, still the well chopped samples.
Old Klouds is banger for whomever was into Knxwledge, or is now discovering this dood. #25 aka BadNewz(WunforShoes) is just a classic.

Old Klouds is out now, and you can scoop it from Knxwledge's Bandcamp.

Say wrd.



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