Monday, August 22, 2011

Moon Life Project Accepting Submission

Moon Life speculates on the possibility that humans will live in space in the future. With this thought in mind, the project is a stimulus for artists, architects and designers to create futuristic, radical, political but humane concepts for an extreme lunar environment.
- Viral Radio

As part of this Moon Life Project, a concept store was also commissioned. Part art exhibit, part pop up shop, it's schedule to tour the world - with no dates @ current time.
But equally as interesting, is it's call for submissions for music. Good friends and curators extraordinaire Viral Radio are looking for submissions for music apt for an interstellar soundtrack as they have been commissioned to create the official sonic tapestry for said project.
You got that 'spacey sh*t'?? This might be your opportunity to finally deliver some music to some like minded, ppl who will get it.
To send your submissions (if you're so inclined) via the Viral Radio soundcloud or their WeTransfer site.
All queries can be addressed to and hit the Moon Life Project site for more info.
Though I have been given no immediate deadline, might i suggest submitting sooner than later? Good luck.


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