Friday, August 12, 2011

Lunice: One Hunned [DWNLD]

There's nothing like a good email to brighten up a week. Such was the moment when Iooked on my screen to find an email from the good friends @ Lucky Me. They were advancing the Lunice EP, One Hunned.

I still recall my tweet.

Ladies & gents, you are now rawking w/ the best. @Lunice @thisisluckyme #onehunned YOU CRAZY ON THIS ONE.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Ya. Crazy indeed.

Had the chance to be on the road w/ Lunice for weeks in March 2011, and was lucky enough to get a close look @ this live show of his, and hear these bangers. Bangers indeed.
One hunned aka the official Cooking™ soundtrack, sits somewhere between 140 bpm and that New Era® titled to the front, 808s and hand claps type of slow flow.
This 8 track EP that is One Hunned features tracks like Bricks which has an arpeggio so frenetic, you'll suddenly be motivated to take to a session of parcours - untrained. I See You will display Lunice's affinity for complex drum programming, with a simple refrain from a dark and heavy synth. A The Blessings remix takes the said track down and even darker road, riding slower, gripping wood grain, hat tilted even more, shades blacked out, hitting switches, a 2011 Lucky Me version of CPO's Ballad Of Menace - sans raps. Love it.
One Hunned is ultimately that: 100. An EP which will either keep you bouncing, or @ the very least send your neck snapping wildly and this is Lunice's best work to date - no questions.


1. Glow
2. I See You
3. Juice
4. Bricks
5. Guardian
6. And She Said
7. I See You (The Blessings rmx)
8. I See You (Girl Unit rmx)


Also, download Lunice's Guardian here. One Hunned is available tomorrow, August 16th 2011 worldwide.




  1. this shit is FUCKING NUTS! thank you for putting me on!

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