Friday, August 12, 2011

Lunice: One Hunned [DWNLD]

There's nothing like a good email to brighten up a week. Such was the moment when Iooked on my screen to find an email from the good friends @ Lucky Me. They were advancing the Lunice EP, One Hunned.

I still recall my tweet.

Ladies & gents, you are now rawking w/ the best. @Lunice @thisisluckyme #onehunned YOU CRAZY ON THIS ONE.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Ya. Crazy indeed.

Had the chance to be on the road w/ Lunice for weeks in March 2011, and was lucky enough to get a close look @ this live show of his, and hear these bangers. Bangers indeed.
One hunned aka the official Cooking™ soundtrack, sits somewhere between 140 bpm and that New Era® titled to the front, 808s and hand claps type of slow flow.
This 8 track EP that is One Hunned features tracks like Bricks which has an arpeggio so frenetic, you'll suddenly be motivated to take to a session of parcours - untrained. I See You will display Lunice's affinity for complex drum programming, with a simple refrain from a dark and heavy synth. A The Blessings remix takes the said track down and even darker road, riding slower, gripping wood grain, hat tilted even more, shades blacked out, hitting switches, a 2011 Lucky Me version of CPO's Ballad Of Menace - sans raps. Love it.
One Hunned is ultimately that: 100. An EP which will either keep you bouncing, or @ the very least send your neck snapping wildly and this is Lunice's best work to date - no questions.


1. Glow
2. I See You
3. Juice
4. Bricks
5. Guardian
6. And She Said
7. I See You (The Blessings rmx)
8. I See You (Girl Unit rmx)


Also, download Lunice's Guardian here. One Hunned is available tomorrow, August 16th 2011 worldwide.



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  1. this shit is FUCKING NUTS! thank you for putting me on!


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