Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hoya Hoya Podcast 1 [DWNLD]

Manchester magistrates Hoya Hoya have launched their long awaited and planned podcast.
Setting the tone for the successful night manchester turned label are friends of the crews: Platt and Samrai
Curators in their own right, they have a night called Swing Ting and also have production chops to brag about. Seen.
Having played @ Hoya Hoya and as close friends, they were a perfect choice to launch the podcast.

Hoya Hoya Podcast 1- Swing Ting by hoyahoya


1. Tarrus Riley- Soul Grabber (Yard Vybz)
2. Jah Cure- Feel It (Yard Vybz)
3. Swing Ting- Hold Your Corner (forthcoming Fat City)
4. Switch Groov Exp- Bon Tres Bien (Simbad Remix) (Bab Musique)
5. Zed Bias, Omar & Fox- Dancing (Swing Ting Special) (Tru Thoughts)
6. Smoove Kriminal- Digi-Tek (dub)
7. Martyn- Masks (Brainfeeder)
8. CRST- Revisit (No Hats No Hoods)
9. Jook 10- Growler (Soulserious)
10. xxxy- Kerpow (forthcoming All City)
11. Swing Ting- Creepin’ (forthcoming Fat City)
12. Matt IQ- Fuse Bomb (dub)
13. Slick Don- Inna Dis (Undisputed Remix) (TS7 Recordings)
14. Formula & Mr P- Magic Genie (Swing Ting Special) (dub)
15. DJ Narrows- A Little Higher (Revolution)
16. E.J- U.F.O (A.R.M.Y)
17. Preditah- Electro (StayFresh)
18. Vybz Kartel- Pree Dem (Ballaz Productions)



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