Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gaslamp Killer x Cinnaman: Redlight Radio Show

Just moments after waking up and still getting the rheum out my eyes and I see this tweet. I knew The Gaslamp Killer was on tour in the EU again, so this made total sense. So I popped the lap open and tune in. Hadn't heard Cinnaman is quite a while, and it's always nice to hear GLK. Say wrd. More importantly, it's always nice to discover some new online radio, and see more of Parra's art. ;)

Some nice little bangers in there like some new Mono/Poly as well as some new Lunice.
PS, was nice go hear some Weeknd just as I tuned in. Shouts to Cinnaman for that one. Say wrd.

The Gaslamp Killer & Cinnaman @ Red Light Radio 08-17-2011 by Red Light Radio



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