Monday, August 15, 2011

Filtered: Unsigned Competition

Bleep, the online music shop and tastemakers are spearheading a contest for indie producers starting today, until September 9th 2011.
Bleep, along w/ sister company and heavyweight label Warp will be combining forces w/ Soundcloud and Transition Mastering in their attempt to find the best untapped talent in electronic music from around the world.
This will be an opportunity for aspiring producers to show their wares and have their music A&R'ed (yes, they still do exist), mastered, marketed and sold to the buying public.
Sounds interesting?? Well, here are the deets:

1st, read the rules and regs re: this contest.

2. After you've gone through your HD and/or done producing your banger, you're asked to tag the file with the below artwork:

3. Once done that, you're then asked to upload your song to the contest dropbox page.

4. The track must have downloads DISABLED on SoundCloud.

5. All contestants may have released material in the past, but must insure that the track(s) uploaded are not under any kind of contract obligation.

6. There's a 2 track maximum per applicant.

7. and the deadline is September 9th 2011.

The submissions once approved, will then all be A&R'ed by Warp and Bleep staff from Sept 12th through the end of the month and also posted on the SoundCloud page - where some tracks have been uploaded already.

The final project will be a 10-12 track LP which will be mastered in early October and will then be released late in the month.

Stay abreast of the contest by stopping by their Facebook page for updates.

So, with that being said, good luck.


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