Friday, August 5, 2011

Devonwho: Live At The Do Over (Portland) [DWNLD]

The Do Over.
For anyone who has seen the Do Over form yesterday to what's it's now become will understand when I say: DAYUM. It has gone from a fun Sunday party in LA, to tradition and almost ritual, to now a traveling extravaganza touching all major markets around the globe, let alone outside of LA.
Hats off to the triumvirate indeed for reaping the rewards of hard work.
As the habitués know, the sets are recorded and released later for now the world to enjoy.
In a recent trip to Portland, The Do Over featured the city's very Devonwho, l'enfant terrible from Oregon who go to rawk a set. Rejoice. Not oft do you get the beat side of town repped @ The Do Over - so salute. Indeed, as the MC said, his set was like "A producer's heaven right now!".

Devonwho || Live At The Do Over, July 2011.


Say wrd.



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