Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bilal: Robots EP [DWNLD]

Sometime in May, Bilal and the good ppl @ Plug Research released one of those gems I just could not get enough of. The Robots EP was just that gem.

The 7 track EP was a set of remixes for the one LP cut, Robots in a 7 new forms for the fanatics to enjoy. I've long talked about the joys of getting remixes to savour as I feel @ times the art is wholly overlooked and there needs to be more. They're like treasured b sides, tracks that true devotees and partisans will love dearly.
So when this dropped w/ 7 new versions and of varied tempos, i was sold. As should you.


1. Robots (Zack Sekoff Remix)
2. Robots (Chuck Treecse Remix feat Hezekiah + Ishe)
3. Robots (Strangloop Remix)
4. Robots (Remy LBO Remix feat Blu)
5. Robots (Hazeem Remix)
6. Robots (Stevo & Merse Remix)
7. Robots (Tensei Remix)

Robots (Hazeem Remix)

You can listen to the rest of the EP here and download the Remy LBO remix ft Blu.

But here's a little gift from Plug Research: a b-side rmx. Say wrd.

Robots ft. Adad (Tensei Remix Alternate Version)
Bilal Robots ft. Adad (Tensei Remix Alternate Version) by Plug Research

Hit the little arrow for download. The EP is up @ iTunes so scoop it up if you're feeling this one.

Say wrd.


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