Friday, August 5, 2011

Beyoncé - Yes (Sonnymoon cover) [DWNLD]

This is a little crazy. This is twice in a week that I've covered not only major label bizness, but R&B. All is love though. Not mad at tight riddims. Which brings me to this ridiculous cover by Sonnymoon that the good ppl @ Plug Research pushed out this week.

In a rendition that would make Beyoncé scream YES, the duo that is Sonnymoon takes us to a land of quasars and star clusters with this minimal cover of galactic proportions, or space debris as they refer to it. No doubt. I jumped on this quick, and you should too before that hits some kind of download threshold.

Yes (Sonnymoon Covering Beyonce) by Plug Research

You can go ahead and give start your weekend right, and click the little arrow. This one's a banger. And, scoop that Golden Age LPwhilst you're at it. Trust me.



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