Friday, August 26, 2011

B. Lewis: Plug EP [DWNLD]

If you've been living under a rock, you've not come across this link yet. Bay area's B. Lewis has been buzzing for a hot min. You may have heard some earlier works, like his track on Soulection, but this new EP emerged from the Jus Like Music camp: the Plug EP.

I always run into older heads who don't always get into that new experimental sound, but someone always find and discover heavily soul laden works like Toucan Sam. B. Lewis got that for him and her. Sh*t. Strong riddims that have that swing to make your ride w/ your girl going shot gun most enjoyable. Let's not even get in on how this sounds on a hot system. #allday.

It took me a min to get to it, but I always liekto quote Nas in these cases: Never on schedule, but always on time". You can scoop this Plug EP over at the bandcamp. You''ll be glad you did (if you haven't yet).

Say wrd.


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