Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shlohmo: Just Us [VIDEO]

Part kaleidoscopic, part cinematic collage, this is the new Shlohmo video for Just Us from the critically acclaimed Bad VIbes LP.

Lay back and enjoy.


RBMA Culture Clash Comes To Canada: Toronto Sept 22

In what is being tagged as a The RBMA Culture Clash, Toronto will be the host to a quasi 4 team battle royal. Huh?? Lemme explain it. ;)
For those accustomed to reggae bashments, where sounds battle for supremacy, you know what this is. For all others, look for 4 DJ/sound crews to battle for your vote - a DJ idol of sorts.

My favorite part? We're going to be treated to a Lucky Me stage which will feature: Hudson Mohawke, Lunice and Rustie. Say wrd.

All arriving to Toronto with new releases: Hudmo coming off the Satin Panthers EP, Lunice w/ his fantastic One Hunned EP and Rustie coming weeks before his Glass Swords LP from Warp. HEAVY.

The other 3 stages will feature the likes of Afrika Bambaataa & The Zulu Nation, Mad Decent (South Rakkas Crew, Dillon Francis, Paul Devro, DJ Sega), and the Toronto All Stars (Boi-1da, Lissa Monet, Starting From Scratch), Kardinal Offishall.

Here are the deets:

RBMA Culture Clash
Echo Beach venue change
Moslon Amphitheatre - Ontario Place
Thursday Sept 22nd 2011

Presales $22.50
$30 at the door
Doors Open 6pm

Where am I putting my $?? Well, "the only gambling I do is going bareback™" (quote circa 2007 - RBMA). But, i'm happy to see Lucky Me get some stripes here. Like I said yesterday, there's a turning tide and ppl are starting to listen.

This will be one to check out. ;)

See you then.


BUG's Mechanical Soul EP [VIDEO]

After the critical success of his 1st 12" release on Jus Like Music, BUG is back with a more substantial release for the listeners.
His Mechanical Soul EP will be dropping September 19th worldwide.

As a trained keyboardist, talented songwriter and producer, BUG is bringing a measured mix of that experimental, soul and beat music swing, all operating like a well oil machine. Cherished by the likes of Gilles P. and Benji B, his sound has been described as straddling lines between Dam Funk, Onra and and B. Bravo, with co signs coming from the Eric Laus and Lunices. Nice. Great artwork courtesy of one Jason Alfred-Palmer. Sick.

Mechanical Soul EP Snippets by BUGMusic


01. Mechanical Soul
02. Loose Threads
03. Journey Through My Mind
04. We Doin It
05. Indigo Children
06. Reach The Clouds

And to set off, here's a little video teaser.

BUG's Mechanical Soul EP will drop Sept 19th worldwide on Jus Like Music.



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thundercat: The Golden Age of Apocalypse [DWNLD]

This has undoubtedly been the talk of the town for some time. Thundercat, who was introduced to many through his work w/ Flying Lotus was now releasing his own solo work on Brainfeeder The Golden Age of Apocalypse LP.

Forget that the Flying Lotus produced this record, one that he himself had been looking fwd to for some time, laying some of that priceless programming of kicks and hi hats. Forget that it features ppl like Austin Peralta, and Erykah Badu. Forget that it's being co signed by all in and around the ecosystem that is this beat scene. Forget that there are some bouncy bangers like Daylight featuring delightfully harmonized vocals. Forget that Fleer Ultra is another fave of mine that you just wish you could see being performed live, hearing Thundercat's virtuosity on bass and all the organized chaos around it. It's what all that you don't hear which is best news. Thundercat has been working with kings in the scene. From punk to classic R&B and all in between. The intangible endorsements are coming from The Sa-Ras of the world, the Suicidal Tendencies of the world, the Bilal's and the Badu's. Now that he and Flylo have been working together and consummated the relationship in a full length, i hope to see the more of the puzzling barriers that music fans built around themselves torn down, and stepping out their comfort zone to listen to more priceless acts such as Thundercat - being that he's only 1 or 2 degrees removed from your fave band. ;)

Don't wait for Badu to tell you to scoop the Thundercat. But if you do, we're not mad. ;)



The mixtape is also still out and about for the curious ones.

Thundercat's The Golden Age of Apocalypse is available today, worldwide.



Monday, August 29, 2011

Ras G Live @ TNMFestiwal [STREAM]

What an epic set. I was engaging in my usual all day lounge on a Saturday, making my rounds of radio online, when in mid afternoon I was reminded that there was a live stream of the Mary Anne Hobbs stage @ Poland's TNM Festiwal.
Ras G stepped on stage and .... BOOM. The rest was history. Watching the crisp BoilerroomTV feed was incredible - I WAS THERE. More so, i got to see Ras G raise his hands and seemingly cast a spell on agape onlookers, only to get back down to business working that SP-404 to it's limitations. Amazing.

I happened to archive the show for my own enjoyment, and cleared it w/ him to share and stream. So here it is.

Ras G Live @ TNMFestiwal August 27th 2011



Barrington Levy: Vibes Is Right (Om Unit edit)

In what might regarded as a nice little Carnival gift on this UK Bank holiday, Om Unit has thrown up his ode to the west indies with this edit of a Barrington Levy riddim Vibes Is Right, turning it from a smooth solemn ditty to something a touch meatier though still preserving all air and ambience.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Com Truise: Date Bar [DWNLD]

As he feverishly tours, bringing the sounds of his select synth sound of his Galactic Melt record to a city near you, word is that Ghostly's Com Truise has is working on the fifth edition of the Komputer Cast. ABOUT TIME. ;)

But ahead of all of that, he just let go of a signature single which was tucked away, sitting in a vault like these Condi Rice photos that Qaddafi kept around. But much more interesting.

Datebar by Com Truise



B. Lewis: Plug EP [DWNLD]

If you've been living under a rock, you've not come across this link yet. Bay area's B. Lewis has been buzzing for a hot min. You may have heard some earlier works, like his track on Soulection, but this new EP emerged from the Jus Like Music camp: the Plug EP.

I always run into older heads who don't always get into that new experimental sound, but someone always find and discover heavily soul laden works like Toucan Sam. B. Lewis got that for him and her. Sh*t. Strong riddims that have that swing to make your ride w/ your girl going shot gun most enjoyable. Let's not even get in on how this sounds on a hot system. #allday.

It took me a min to get to it, but I always liekto quote Nas in these cases: Never on schedule, but always on time". You can scoop this Plug EP over at the bandcamp. You''ll be glad you did (if you haven't yet).

Say wrd.


Fatima: Mind [VIDEO] + Yellow Sound [DWNLD]

2nd single in off Fatima's Follow You EP which was entirely produced by tuneful scientist Floating Points, is the single Mind which was also rendered into a video which dropped a few weeks back.

The Follow You EP is still buzzing heavily with wax being snapped up and you can still scoop it on iTunes.

But you can also scoop up a new joint from the Fatima xFunkineven EP coming down the pipe from Eglo Records and their shiny new website.

Yellow Sound


Speaking of, don't forget that Sept 8th, Eglo co boss Alex Nut invades Toronto.



Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hudson Mohawke x Aaliyah

In what is rumored to be part of another R&B flip EP coming out, big beat commander in chief Hudson Mohawke sneaks one out for the listeners. You all remember Modeci right. DO YOU?!?!
In a well timed moment of reverence, with the 10th year anniversary of her untimely passing, Hudmo drops an Aaliyah flip. At present time, which was 6 hrs since it was uploaded, 8100 plays. Wow. Enjoy.

Hudson Mohawke x Aaliyah - Somebody by Hudson Mohawke


Gifted And Blessed: Cool Warm Divine EP + Tour

It's been a whilst since I brought Gifted And Blessed's name up. He's quietly released joint after joint after joint. Well, i do recall seeing that he was out on tour in EU w/ fellow soul provider Afta 1. What a bill.
In any case, in a email reminder I saw this AM, he sent out his dates in EU and even more, I saw a past email re: the Cool Warm Divine EP.

Not sure if it's i've been more and more enamored w/ the 808 kick, but his EP is rife w/ hot tempos and bright melodies. You can sample it all here. But if you happened to be in EU in the next few, here are some dates where he and Afta-1 will be rawking.

Aug 27 - Life Bar w/Floating Points and Funkineven (London, England)
Aug 28 - Stadtmusik Festival (Basel, Switzerland)*
Aug 31 - private event (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Sep 1 - V2 (Rotterdam, Netherlands)*
Sep 2 - Bonnefooi (Brussels, Belgium)*
Sep 3 - Patchwork w/Africa Hitech, Dachstock Reitschule (Bern, Switzerland)
Sep 4 - The Bernard Shaw (Dublin, Ireland)

*event includes both GB and AFTA-1

Something to look out for indeed.

Say wrd.


Bilal: Robots EP [DWNLD]

Sometime in May, Bilal and the good ppl @ Plug Research released one of those gems I just could not get enough of. The Robots EP was just that gem.

The 7 track EP was a set of remixes for the one LP cut, Robots in a 7 new forms for the fanatics to enjoy. I've long talked about the joys of getting remixes to savour as I feel @ times the art is wholly overlooked and there needs to be more. They're like treasured b sides, tracks that true devotees and partisans will love dearly.
So when this dropped w/ 7 new versions and of varied tempos, i was sold. As should you.


1. Robots (Zack Sekoff Remix)
2. Robots (Chuck Treecse Remix feat Hezekiah + Ishe)
3. Robots (Strangloop Remix)
4. Robots (Remy LBO Remix feat Blu)
5. Robots (Hazeem Remix)
6. Robots (Stevo & Merse Remix)
7. Robots (Tensei Remix)

Robots (Hazeem Remix)

You can listen to the rest of the EP here and download the Remy LBO remix ft Blu.

But here's a little gift from Plug Research: a b-side rmx. Say wrd.

Robots ft. Adad (Tensei Remix Alternate Version)
Bilal Robots ft. Adad (Tensei Remix Alternate Version) by Plug Research

Hit the little arrow for download. The EP is up @ iTunes so scoop it up if you're feeling this one.

Say wrd.


Slow Hand Motem: The Forthcoming Mixtape [DWNLD]

The most wild, the biggest G Slow Hand Motem has produced a release for the world to take in: The Forthcoming Mixtape.

The colorful cat that I met from around the way who's long been doing his thing from the Canadian border to EU shores has assembled The Forthcoming Mixtape in the months following his last tour across the pond with many including Coco Bryce, 1000 Names to name a few.

The 14 track mixtape will take you on a journey that might conjure visions of Hudson Mohawke, Nirvana, Jacques Greene, Soulja Boy, Lil B, Sun Ra, Mozart and a mish mash of other acts. Nice.

Scoop it up here.

Say wrd.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hoya Hoya Podcast 1 [DWNLD]

Manchester magistrates Hoya Hoya have launched their long awaited and planned podcast.
Setting the tone for the successful night manchester turned label are friends of the crews: Platt and Samrai
Curators in their own right, they have a night called Swing Ting and also have production chops to brag about. Seen.
Having played @ Hoya Hoya and as close friends, they were a perfect choice to launch the podcast.

Hoya Hoya Podcast 1- Swing Ting by hoyahoya


1. Tarrus Riley- Soul Grabber (Yard Vybz)
2. Jah Cure- Feel It (Yard Vybz)
3. Swing Ting- Hold Your Corner (forthcoming Fat City)
4. Switch Groov Exp- Bon Tres Bien (Simbad Remix) (Bab Musique)
5. Zed Bias, Omar & Fox- Dancing (Swing Ting Special) (Tru Thoughts)
6. Smoove Kriminal- Digi-Tek (dub)
7. Martyn- Masks (Brainfeeder)
8. CRST- Revisit (No Hats No Hoods)
9. Jook 10- Growler (Soulserious)
10. xxxy- Kerpow (forthcoming All City)
11. Swing Ting- Creepin’ (forthcoming Fat City)
12. Matt IQ- Fuse Bomb (dub)
13. Slick Don- Inna Dis (Undisputed Remix) (TS7 Recordings)
14. Formula & Mr P- Magic Genie (Swing Ting Special) (dub)
15. DJ Narrows- A Little Higher (Revolution)
16. E.J- U.F.O (A.R.M.Y)
17. Preditah- Electro (StayFresh)
18. Vybz Kartel- Pree Dem (Ballaz Productions)



New Rustie: All Nite

Launching his campaign leading to his long awaited LP is Lucky Me man Rustie, and the release of his lead single is here. All Nite will be 1st to be released from the Glass Swords album is due out Oct 10/11 worldwide.

Rustie - All Nite (taken from Glass Swords) by Rustie

You can scoop this new single from Bleep as well as pre ordering the album as well.
Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Rustie dates near you, esp in North America in late November/early December.



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Knxwledge: Flowrs EP


Knxwledge has essentially found is proverbial groove. Another EP Flowrs has emerged from his vault and all I can say is, there's something bigger burgeoning.

Knxwledge is once more responsible for an EP, featuring his singular signatures, classic collages using his cache of carefully crafted and chosen samples, and those kicks. You know how he does it time and time again. We've witnessed the blossoming of his sound over the years. He's also seemingly endorsed that Madlibian philosphy of churning out the chunes, which i'm not mad @ all.
Keep it moving.

You know the drill, head over to the beats repository that is Knxwledge's bandcamp and scoop his 12 track Flowrs EP, and just let the sounds pollinate...



Monday, August 22, 2011

Moon Life Project Accepting Submission

Moon Life speculates on the possibility that humans will live in space in the future. With this thought in mind, the project is a stimulus for artists, architects and designers to create futuristic, radical, political but humane concepts for an extreme lunar environment.
- Viral Radio

As part of this Moon Life Project, a concept store was also commissioned. Part art exhibit, part pop up shop, it's schedule to tour the world - with no dates @ current time.
But equally as interesting, is it's call for submissions for music. Good friends and curators extraordinaire Viral Radio are looking for submissions for music apt for an interstellar soundtrack as they have been commissioned to create the official sonic tapestry for said project.
You got that 'spacey sh*t'?? This might be your opportunity to finally deliver some music to some like minded, ppl who will get it.
To send your submissions (if you're so inclined) via the Viral Radio soundcloud or their WeTransfer site.
All queries can be addressed to and hit the Moon Life Project site for more info.
Though I have been given no immediate deadline, might i suggest submitting sooner than later? Good luck.


The Thing: Suzi Analogue [VIDEO]

Self produce and directed by Le Cercle Rouge, Suzi Analogue's debut video for The Thing dropped just days past from her project NNXT

Available world wide in 7" and digi download, you can go cop it from Dopeness Galore, to add to that Klipm0de collection, as well as keeping in step w/ newness from the charming chanteuse.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

We All Cant Be Pimps and We All Cant Rap: Svetlana Industries Mix

In a mix that was created for the cats st Svetlana Industries, the good ppl at All City Records have put together a little something for from the rap side of town, for them to host.

Mixed by All City chief Olan, and Dj Tu-Ki, We All Cant Be Pimps and We All Cant Rap is collection of 90s hip hop, classic boom bap from an era that seems so far behind us.

You can catch the track listing here.



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yak Ballz: Hypetronic (Lunice Remix) [DWNLD]

Wow. Not oft do you have the op to speak on older rap heads in 2011. Let alone older rap heads in 2011 who are still recording, and even working w/ younger cats.
Enter Yak Balls, he of the late 90s indie hip hop boom is still recording music. Say wrd.
His new single Hypertronic has been remixed by ye of Lucky Me, Montréal's Lunice.

You can listen to and scoop this remix courtesy of Fact Mag.




A trailer for Fitz Ambro$e's new remix project.

Fitz Ambro$e - PDISO REMIXED from soft ocean hotel on Vimeo.



Viral Radio: Redlight Radio 01 [DWNLD]

Viral is still vital

Always a pleasure to listen to Viral Radio. Although sporadic in the scheduling of the podcasts, they're always welcomed. The dutch digital doyen has seemingly moved the podcast and radio operation to Redlight Radio, a more recent discovery. All good. A usual, a well curated show with a tracklist to study closely - although.. WFF?? I'll let that one pass. ;)

Viral Radio 01 at Red Light Radio (08/08/2011) by Viral Radio


00:00 Matthewdavid - Reunited
05:17 Ras G - Crenshaw Bus
07:49 Jonti - Nodlews way home
10:38 S.maharba - Girls In Pearls
12:08 S.maharba - French Maid
12:41 Samiyam - Pressure
16:26 Dakim - Typeofblue
20:06 Ghostigital, Skúli Sverrisson & Finnbogi Pétursson - Transatlantic
22:31 Krystal Klear - Boogie Wan
25:53 P-fang - Midnight
27:35 P-fang - Darkside
31:22 Om Unit - Naiad
33:03 Om Unit vs Kromestar - Merkabah
35:59 Morgan Zarate - SP
38:57 Zomby - Witch Hunt
40:26 Zomby - Adagio For Lucifer
41:16 Waka Flocka Flame - Bang
44:24 Blue Daisy - Status Off Air
48:12 Bruce Nauman - World Peace - mei mei
50:02 Kuedo - Oh
51:20 Krampfhaft - Spit Thunder
55:06 Hudson Mohawke - Thank You
59:31 Bruce Nauman - Thank You Thank You

Hit the little arrow for download. ;)



Thursday, August 18, 2011

KALEIDOSCOPE Presents: Alexander Nut Sept 8th 2011 @ The Drake

It's my pleasure to announce a show that I have been personally been looking fwd to for such a long time, but consider this a pre announcement as more details of the night are going to emerge shortly.

It's been a hot min since I've we've announced shows, but this fall is going to be fresh, fun, with fantastic curation. That will start with the following event for TIFF blastoff.

KALEIDOSCOPE + The Drake Hotel present:

ALEXANDER NUT - LIVE (Rinse FM, Eglo, Ho_tep, UK)
w/ Xi, mymanhenri and very special guest Tre Mission.
Thursday Sept 8th 2011 @ The Drake Underground - 1150 Queen Street West
11.00p - 4.30a (Extended serving hrs)
The Facebook event page is here for RSVPs

This is the 1st night of Toronto's famed Toronto International Film Festival and will have extended hours in effect - 4a+.

Stay tuned for more details w/ official artwork as well as info on a Montréal date.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gaslamp Killer x Cinnaman: Redlight Radio Show

Just moments after waking up and still getting the rheum out my eyes and I see this tweet. I knew The Gaslamp Killer was on tour in the EU again, so this made total sense. So I popped the lap open and tune in. Hadn't heard Cinnaman is quite a while, and it's always nice to hear GLK. Say wrd. More importantly, it's always nice to discover some new online radio, and see more of Parra's art. ;)

Some nice little bangers in there like some new Mono/Poly as well as some new Lunice.
PS, was nice go hear some Weeknd just as I tuned in. Shouts to Cinnaman for that one. Say wrd.

The Gaslamp Killer & Cinnaman @ Red Light Radio 08-17-2011 by Red Light Radio



Free The Robots: The Mind's Eye EP [DWNLD]

Quietly released this week, is Free The Robot's The Mind's Eye EP from famed Alpha Pup Records. I had not really heard from the So Cal selector since this EU tour he was on w/ Sweatson Klank fka Take.

Likely bridging the gap b/w full lengths, The Mind's Eye EP offers 5 tracks for fans to frolic with starting one of my faves: The Free. A track with a lead synths, layered drum rolls throughout that then suddenly that merges into a new melody and almost new rhythm 2/3rd in.
In a more classic 4/4 feel, you get a track like Rattlesnake. Contrabass and drum loops, dark wavering synths and a tabla make up the track's slow flow. And for the ones who love a little tempo in their life, they can lock into Dance Of The Deadbeat with it's looping and colorful Vox Continental keys.

Track Listing

1. The Free
2. The Mind's Eye
3. Prototype B
4. Dance of the Deadbeat
5. Rattlesnake

Free The Robots: Rattlesnake by ALPHA PUP

Enjoy a free download, courtesy of Alpha Pup.

The Mind's Eye EP is out now, worldwide.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lunice: Glow [VIDEO]

Leading off for this One Hunned EP which dropped today, Lucky Me Lieutenant Lunice lets losse a video for Glow, one of the bangers off his newest release.
A tenebrous telecast that's still a fun, fresh and festive, featuring 3 of his fave things: bboying, music and that thick white smoke.

One Hunned is out worldwide today. Show love.

Say wrd.


Knxwledge: Komposure EP

Knxwledge has def found his groove. This must be his 3 release in under 3 months. He in fact might actually be able to complete w/ Madlib for productivity
Released yesterday is the Komposure EP.

Said it before, I like Knxwledge's production style. Straight chops, and drums. But there's a magic to finding that right phrase, and then to lay it in it's right place. Indeed. Hella Pretentious and Tension are a few of my faves on this one, but there are more bangers for sure. But you can skip through them yourself.

Komposure EP is avail on his bandcamp now.

Say wrd.



Fitz Ambro$e: PDISO Remixed

It's been sometime since we had heard from Fitz Ambro$e. Last we chatted w/ dude, he had just released PDSIO, his 1st ever full length. But though he had told me about another project coming, notably a remix project i had heard nothing. Understandably the events in Japan this year slowed all things down. But today, the project had finally risen from the ashes:
PDSIO Remixed.

Fitz Ambro$e enlists some of his faves on this project, hiring 15 of the nicest around to re interpret the boom bap that was PDSIO into 15 singular slappers for PDSIO Remixed. Roll call goes something like, Dibia$e, eLan, Ultragamma, RLP, Mndsgn, Sir Froderick among many others.

And the for the die hards who love to hold physical copies, you can go ahead and order the lim ed cassette of the release. Yup. Why the hell not?? You can t hen take it and go do a night @ Top Tape in LA. ;)

Nonetheless, PDSIO REMIXED is available now. Hit the Icasea bandcamp for details.

Shouts to my mans Fitz

Say wrd.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Rinse FM Presents A Visual retrospective

Happening now until Aug 22 2011, we have an exhibit showcasing the art that has been associated w/ famed Rinse FM among other works by designer Give Up Art and photog Shaun Bloodworth.

I've actually always wondered why such an exhibit doesn't happen more often. Give Up Art and Mr Bloodworth have made a career of design and photography for labels and artists. Flyer and LP artwork are to me one of the 1st things to catch someone's eye, and ultimately is part if the whole package of the event. How many times have you seen banging flyers saved, or posters ripped from walls for archiving? How many times have you grabbed a LP/CD based on the artwork alone?? Right.

So London, head out to the Truman Brewery

Rinse FM Presents: A Visual Retrospective
The works of Shaun Bloodworth and Give Up Art
Shop 14 (near Hanbury Street), Truman Brewery, Brick Lane
Monday to Friday 1100 – 2000 / Sunday 1200 – 1800
Entrance is free.

Show love.



Filtered: Unsigned Competition

Bleep, the online music shop and tastemakers are spearheading a contest for indie producers starting today, until September 9th 2011.
Bleep, along w/ sister company and heavyweight label Warp will be combining forces w/ Soundcloud and Transition Mastering in their attempt to find the best untapped talent in electronic music from around the world.
This will be an opportunity for aspiring producers to show their wares and have their music A&R'ed (yes, they still do exist), mastered, marketed and sold to the buying public.
Sounds interesting?? Well, here are the deets:

1st, read the rules and regs re: this contest.

2. After you've gone through your HD and/or done producing your banger, you're asked to tag the file with the below artwork:

3. Once done that, you're then asked to upload your song to the contest dropbox page.

4. The track must have downloads DISABLED on SoundCloud.

5. All contestants may have released material in the past, but must insure that the track(s) uploaded are not under any kind of contract obligation.

6. There's a 2 track maximum per applicant.

7. and the deadline is September 9th 2011.

The submissions once approved, will then all be A&R'ed by Warp and Bleep staff from Sept 12th through the end of the month and also posted on the SoundCloud page - where some tracks have been uploaded already.

The final project will be a 10-12 track LP which will be mastered in early October and will then be released late in the month.

Stay abreast of the contest by stopping by their Facebook page for updates.

So, with that being said, good luck.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Lunice: One Hunned [DWNLD]

There's nothing like a good email to brighten up a week. Such was the moment when Iooked on my screen to find an email from the good friends @ Lucky Me. They were advancing the Lunice EP, One Hunned.

I still recall my tweet.

Ladies & gents, you are now rawking w/ the best. @Lunice @thisisluckyme #onehunned YOU CRAZY ON THIS ONE.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Ya. Crazy indeed.

Had the chance to be on the road w/ Lunice for weeks in March 2011, and was lucky enough to get a close look @ this live show of his, and hear these bangers. Bangers indeed.
One hunned aka the official Cooking™ soundtrack, sits somewhere between 140 bpm and that New Era® titled to the front, 808s and hand claps type of slow flow.
This 8 track EP that is One Hunned features tracks like Bricks which has an arpeggio so frenetic, you'll suddenly be motivated to take to a session of parcours - untrained. I See You will display Lunice's affinity for complex drum programming, with a simple refrain from a dark and heavy synth. A The Blessings remix takes the said track down and even darker road, riding slower, gripping wood grain, hat tilted even more, shades blacked out, hitting switches, a 2011 Lucky Me version of CPO's Ballad Of Menace - sans raps. Love it.
One Hunned is ultimately that: 100. An EP which will either keep you bouncing, or @ the very least send your neck snapping wildly and this is Lunice's best work to date - no questions.


1. Glow
2. I See You
3. Juice
4. Bricks
5. Guardian
6. And She Said
7. I See You (The Blessings rmx)
8. I See You (Girl Unit rmx)


Also, download Lunice's Guardian here. One Hunned is available tomorrow, August 16th 2011 worldwide.



Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shlohmo: Bad Vibes [DWNLD]

I've oft talked about the cluster of producers who make up the beat scene, beat science and what ever the mot du jour is, as an interesting take on hip hop. Ultimately, many of them start in hip hop production, venture into experimental, but some do break away from the mass and are able to reach much more fertile ground. See Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke and a very limited group of others as examples of members of that elite band of brothers. IMHO, pls add the following name to that group: Shlohmo.
I've seen Shlohmo's and more importantly heard the maturation of his sound, well beyond his years, and quod erat demonstrandum: Bad Vibes LP

Shlohmo's been able to capture an emotion that i once described as melodious melancholy, creating a gloomy, Stygian soundtrack but somehow still sustaining some warmth akin to the mild flicker of a glim.
Bad Vibes might be an anti beat tape in that it swings from tracks paralleling a dramatic score fraught with dark segments, at times best fitting to visuals from The Grudge (like in Trapped In A Burning House), to brighter moments but still measurably slow like in Just Us and tracks like It Was Whatever.
Part field recordings, part live instrumentation, part drum machines and part samples, Shlohmo's ingredients blend beautifully, bringing balance to the 14 track recording, like it does in Seriously (one of my other faves).
Ultimately, the totality of the LP can be summarized in 2 words: Bad Vibes. Though moonless moods seemingly predominate, there's this puzzling amorous aura, this quasi romantic undertone that makes this Bad Vibes record one my current faves, and one that should again distance him from any of the beat producers in it's maturity and daring, but also endear him with new listeners who might have yet to hear of Shlohmo.



and also listen to Just Us via pitchfork as well.

Bad Vibes is available now worldwide.



Monday, August 8, 2011

Hudson Mohawke: Mix for Benji B on Aug 3 2011 [DWNLD]

Not much to say here other than just download the show.
Celebrating the release of Satin Panthers EP, Hudson Mohawke was asked to be part of a mix series for Benji B's show.
This is one to own. No questions. The exclusives alone make this worth the few mins it will take you to own this one. Tune into what moved Just Blaze to call this cat one of the best around. Say wrd.

Hudson Mohawke Mix For Benji B.



Hudson Mohawke — Cbat - Warp
Drake — Headline - Young Money
S X — Take Time -White
Teeth — Frequencies - Forthcoming Ramp Recordings
Pärson Sound — Untitled - Unreleased
Zomby — A Devil Lay Here - 4AD
Dego — Late Night Fright - 2000 Black
Martyn — PopGun - Forthcoming Brainfeeder
Zed Bias and Mark Pritchard — Trouble In The Streets - Forthcoming Tru Thoughts
Wiley — Link Up - Ninja Tune
Roska — Error Code - Hot Flush
Dorian Concept — The F*cking Formula - Re-Edit


Mahavishnu Orchestra — Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love
Hudson Mohawke — B Ur Fantasy
Hudson Mohawke — Furnace Loop
B Bravo and Teeko — Drop It
The Dream — Bodywork
Lunice — I See U (Girl Unit Remix)
Jaques Greenes — Motivation
Rustie — Hover Traps
Luckybeard — BonaLi
Hudson Mohawke — Thunder B.M.F.
Aaliyah — Are U That Somebody (Mohawke Mix)
Hudson Mohawke — Scud Books
Jhene Aiko — Space Jams
Pleasure Prinicple Bootleg — Unknown
Redinho — Stay Together

** end of mix **

Hudson Mohawke — Rising 5 - Warp
Lunice — Fancy Forty - Lucky Me
Karriem Riggins — Track 35 - Unreleased
00Genesis — Gorillaz - Unreleased
Tall Black Guy — Water No Enemy - Unreleased
Dwele — A.n.g.e.l - Rize Mixtape
Syreeta — Black Maybe - Tamla Motown
Jaco Pastorius — Continuum - Epic
Thundercat — Myster Machine - Forthcoming Brainfeeder
John Tejada — The Dream - Kompakt
Radiohead — Codex - Radiohead
Jay Dee — Trashy - Bling 47


Say wrd.


Saturday, August 6, 2011


In anticipation of Thundercat's release entitled The Golden Age of Apocalypse due August 30th, head honcho @ Brainfeeder and our good friend Flying Lotus took it upon himself to put together a mix featuring some of Thundercat's past, forthcoming and "some-we-may-never-release." joints.
As some may or may not know, Thundercat's discography spans as many years as it does collaborations. Sa-Ra, Suicidal Tendencies, Shafiq Hussein, Steve Spacek, his solo work, as well as Badu, Bilal and J-Davey have all been beneficiaries of Thundercat's bruising basslines. This mix is here to highlight this music as well as getting all familiar with the sound that has been featured on Flylo's most recent work and for which he's been most grateful.




Friday, August 5, 2011

Devonwho: Live At The Do Over (Portland) [DWNLD]

The Do Over.
For anyone who has seen the Do Over form yesterday to what's it's now become will understand when I say: DAYUM. It has gone from a fun Sunday party in LA, to tradition and almost ritual, to now a traveling extravaganza touching all major markets around the globe, let alone outside of LA.
Hats off to the triumvirate indeed for reaping the rewards of hard work.
As the habitués know, the sets are recorded and released later for now the world to enjoy.
In a recent trip to Portland, The Do Over featured the city's very Devonwho, l'enfant terrible from Oregon who go to rawk a set. Rejoice. Not oft do you get the beat side of town repped @ The Do Over - so salute. Indeed, as the MC said, his set was like "A producer's heaven right now!".

Devonwho || Live At The Do Over, July 2011.


Say wrd.



Beyoncé - Yes (Sonnymoon cover) [DWNLD]

This is a little crazy. This is twice in a week that I've covered not only major label bizness, but R&B. All is love though. Not mad at tight riddims. Which brings me to this ridiculous cover by Sonnymoon that the good ppl @ Plug Research pushed out this week.

In a rendition that would make Beyoncé scream YES, the duo that is Sonnymoon takes us to a land of quasars and star clusters with this minimal cover of galactic proportions, or space debris as they refer to it. No doubt. I jumped on this quick, and you should too before that hits some kind of download threshold.

Yes (Sonnymoon Covering Beyonce) by Plug Research

You can go ahead and give start your weekend right, and click the little arrow. This one's a banger. And, scoop that Golden Age LPwhilst you're at it. Trust me.



Teebs: Moments [VIDEO]

Supporting what is still an amazing LP from Teebs, Ardour's Moments track gets a video treatment from an indie film maker Paul Trillo.



Eric Lau for BTS Radio

Posted moments ago, our good friend from the UK Eric Lau is here to curate the latest podcast for legendary BTS radio.

Just a little something to start off the weekend. Nice.

Shouts to my man Eric Lau.

Say wrd.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Your Body: Chris Brown (prod. by Hudson Mohawke) [VIDEO] [DWNLD]

So last year, I was alerted to a video that has just started to circulate. Seemed like Chris Brown had taken a liking to a Hudson Mohawke track and what started out as an apparent semi fan video (on Chris Brown's part) became a lead off single and video for a new Chris Brown record: Your Body.

For those familiar tw/ Hudson Mohawke's work, we know this is Rising 5 from Butter. For all others, welcome.
We knew that there was surely going to be a major R&B act to knock on his door, though Chris Brown had not been the one discussed on that show w/ Benji B a few years back. Still a great look if you ask me.
Anyhow, Chris Brown, Just Blaze, they know wassup.

And for those who want to collect Hudmo's music, Chris Brown put out a mix tape featuring your body. You can scoop that up here: Boy In Detention by Chris Brown.

Say wrd.



Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Label Love v3 [DWNLD]

Back @ it again. In another harmonious labor of love. we present to you the latest installment of Label Love v3.

This now septet of labels presents 12 tracks for the masses, offering the joy of discovery to all like minded, in a friendly form of cross pollination really.
Stone Throw's Step Kids, One Handed Music's Mo Kolours and Paul White, Nostalgia 77 and Elzhi are among the featured acts w/ many more.

Feel free to sample the the record here or just scoop the damn thing over @ the bandcamp. ;)

Say wrd.



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Old Klouds: Kurated by House Shoes

Sometime back, Knxwledge made mention of something that sounded like a Klouds 2 as a follow up to the successful Klouds which came from All city.
This time around, we are in sight of a noctilucent cloud, a new record from Knxwledge - kurated by House Shoes from Detroit: Old Klouds

Essentially, this is a comp featuring a number of tracks which were not selected for Klouds the 1st time around, and now assembled for record. Still the sharp snares and kicks, still the well chopped samples.
Old Klouds is banger for whomever was into Knxwledge, or is now discovering this dood. #25 aka BadNewz(WunforShoes) is just a classic.

Old Klouds is out now, and you can scoop it from Knxwledge's Bandcamp.

Say wrd.



Monday, August 1, 2011


In the incessant and genuine efforts to raise funds for the Japanese cataclysm, another compilation is released, this time from the Los Angeles area. I 1st heard about it when listening to a Dublab broadcast earlier this year, and the comp's curator was on the air talking about it. So months later, it surfaced.
Combining some of the most notables names from the famed So Cal and the Japanese scene, LA JPN LA v1 is a compilation which will bring you more of the purveyors of this fine vibe we love, in their respective territories.

You can get band info over @ LP JPN LA's tumblr, and you can sample the record over @ the iTunes site. Alpha Pup is also lending a hand with this comp. 27 tracks, $9.99 + and fantastic cause.

Show love.


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