Saturday, July 23, 2011

Strangeloop & Austin Peralta LIVE [DWNLD]

I post this only hours before Brainfeeder and visual arts virtuoso Dr. Strangeloop has his gallery show tonight in LA.
He plans to have Teebs as well as youngest in charge Austin Peralta along for support. And speaking of the young prodigy, I came across a live recording of a Dr. Strangeloop and Peralta performance @ Cal Arts.

Strangeloop & Austin Peralta ( live at CalArts ) 2010 by strangeloop

The performance was everything expected: A dramatic score composed of keys, with said piano solos segueing into soundscapes of shadowy and nebulous beats... a fresh listen indeed.

You can stream the performance here and also download it on soundcloud on Dr. Strangeloop's page (or hit the little arrow)




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