Friday, July 22, 2011

Shafiq Husayn/ Om'mas Keith - LA #0 [DWNLD]

in a crowning end to what has been an epic journey, All City release LA #0, the last piece from the now famed LA 10" series. This eleventh and last edition which has been numbered 0, features Creative Partners Shafiq Husayn & Om'mas Keith, 2/3rd of Sa-Ra.

Shafiq Husayn's side is composed as a trilogy, with the one song split into 3 parts. His side was def cut for the beat scientists out there. The flip side's Om'mas Keith composition was done in a slightly different frame of mind. In a more dance floor friendly arrangement, we have a vocal track done in a classic Sa-Ra fashion.

Om'mas Keith Girl's A Player (snippet)

Shafiq Husayn DNA Splice (snippet)

You can grab one of the Shafiq Husayn tracks in it's entirety over by XLR8R.

This Shafiq Husayn / Om'mas Keith - LA #0 from All City will be in shops Aug 9th 2011.

Say wrd.



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