Friday, July 29, 2011

Rustie: Glass Swords [VIDEO]

Lucky Me's blitz of unsuspecting revelers this year continues as the baby faced, seasoned vet Rustie prepares for his long time awaited full length LP. The countdown now begins: Oct 10th/11th will signal the release of Glass Swords, Rustie's full length debut on Warp.

This LP will be sure to follow where Rustie left off after the Sunburst EP from 2010, still keeping with the style and sound that got him his notoriety in the 1st place with floor classics.


01 - Glass Swords
02 - Flash Back
03 - Surph
04 - Hover Traps
05 - City Star
06 - Globes
07 - Ultra Thizz
08 - Death Mountain
09 - Cry Flames
10 - After Light
11 - Ice Tunnels
12 - All Nite
13 - Crystal Echo

As well, look for Rustie to engage on some North American dates in very late fall/early winter, working this side of the pond to promote this release.

Looking fwd.




  1. gotta say..looks more like 'glass cocks' from where I'm sitting..

    great blog btw..


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