Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Prison Garde: Systeme Hermes [DWNLD]

I didn't pipe much about this one online, but I was pretty pumped to hear this was drop. Long story short, I've had a pile of respect for this dood. Prison Garde has had more monikers you could shake a stick @, with numerous accomplishments in music than most realize. He's been creating music for almost 20 yrs starting as the legendary Sixtoo, then progressing his sound to a more electronic based composition in Montréal, being part of the famed Megasoid as SpeakerBruiser and now, has taken his act all the way across Canada to Vancouver where after settling in, he's now metamorphosed in to Prison Garde, and today, leading up to Bass Coast Festival has released a full LP entitled Système Hermès.

Earlier this year in March, I was privileged to have sampled daily for almost 3 weeks many of Prison Garde's riddims whilst on tour, and do recall specifically pulling him aside a few times, mentioning how banging much of his set was. So it was w/ much jubilation that, when I played the very 1st track, I was greeted with on of my fave riddims out the gate. As it seems, I was unknowingly a participant in the sampling of the Système Hermès LP.
Full of 808 kicks and claps, Système Hermès' meter ranges from a slow flow, to more frenetic clips - all whilst retaining an obvious and apparent respect for classic and timeless club concepts, a testament to a vet w/ years in the game.


Newlove Oldgirl

13 track deep, Prison Garde's Système Hermès has been released and welcomed with more adulation than Mike Tyson from the pen, and has been made available as a free download over @ , along w/ a great Q&A ahead of his show @ the Bass Coast Festival this coming weekend. And speaking of... There's a bonus bootleg beat on the LP you'll certainly dig.

Say Wrd.



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