Friday, July 29, 2011

Hudson Mohawke: Satin Panthers [STREAM]

I'll keep this pretty quick, mostly quoting an email I sent to Warp USA.

In a few days, we'll witness the newest releaser from Hudson Mohawke, Satin Panthers, which has been a hotly anticipated EP. YES, an EP. Thunder Bay has been certified as a massive hit, enjoyed by present and new fans alike, and this EP is signaling Hudmo's official seperation from the peleton of "beat producers", and this is only the EP. The sound that started out seemingly as show tunes/exclusives pre Butter, have come to define his landmark grandiose and dramatic sound - and it's evident at the 1st drop of the needle/1st click of play with an EPIC opening.

Track list:

1. Octan
2. Thunder Bay
3. Cbat
4. All Your Love
5. Thank You.

Satin Panthers is available Aug 1st/2nd worldwide



1 comment:

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