Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flash Bang Grenada [Busdriver + Nocando]

So, quite a few weeks back i was online browsing, and saw this very clip - this track called Beat My Bitch. Nice. Sent an email to Nosaj Thing for deets, but it prob got lost in the sauce. No worries.
The key here was that both Busdriver and Nocando were riding this beat from Nosaj Thing that I had LONG lusted over. It 1st came to my attention during the exclusive set Nosaj had done for Mary Anne Hobbs during her refugee shows last April 2010.
Long story short, this beat is essentially the bed for this Beat My Bitch leak, which is altogether signaling this Flash Bang Grenada collaboration between Nocando + Busdriver.
This HellFyre Club release 10 Haters is due out Aug 23rd 2011 and will feature production from Nosaj Thing, Shlohmo, Free The Robots, Mexicans with Guns among others.


1. Good Cop, Bad Cop (produced by Dibia$e)
2. Beat My Bitch (produced by Nosaj Thing)
3. I Can Teleport (produced by Busdriver)
4. Moisturizer (produced by Mexicans with Guns)
5. Aphrodite (produced by E. Super)
6. Bernie (produced by Busdriver)
7. In a Perfect World ft. Open Mike Eagle (produced by Mono/Poly)
8. 10 Haters (produced by Free The Robots)
9. Hyperbolic ft. Del the Funky Homosapien (produced by Shlohmo)
10. Jimmy (produced by Bloccade)

Beat My Bitch - Flash Bang Grenada




  1. Ha! If the album art is any indicator, this looks to fast become one of my fav records.

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