Monday, July 18, 2011

Dza: Zookeeper EP

New 12" from Russia's very own Dza, from the good ppl @ Error Broadcast.
Beats, loops, 8bit and even a likkle wobble, all things present in this new 8 track 12" which also features 2 rmxs from Friends Of Friends Salva and Digi G’alessio who refits Sea Monstr with a dreamy edit.

This new Dza 12" is available today on digital worldwide and also on 200 copies of limited clear wax, you can go ahead and scoop the release immediately. A must to align with the rest of the famed Error Broadcast catalog.


01 – Zoo Keeper
02 – Vanillaface (feat. Montgomery Clunk)
03 – Dance with Me
04 – Super Fly
05 – Limbo
06 – Sea Monstr
07 – Zoo Keeper (Salva Remix)
08 – Sea Monstr (Digi G’alessio Remix)

Love the artwork btw.




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