Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dibiase: Live in Montréal [DWNLD]

In a small east coast Canadian tour I regret not having been able to attend, the head spinner, light dimmer, 3 knockout count winner aka the diabolical Dibiase had dates in Toronto, Québec City as well as Montréal. The good ppl over @ MIMS had a great show and were able to get a live podcast from it. It featured some classics as well as some new and never heard slappers. Might have been fuel from all that lovely poutine on plate. Nice. Do yourself a favor and scoop this quick.

Dibiase, Live in Montréal - July 2011

[download via MIMS]

Go nuts.




  1. stream link doesn't work my friend

  2. FIXED! Thanks for that. didn't even test it. #mybad


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