Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All City's Views Of Saturn w/ Ras G & The ASP

In another series for the fans, All City will be doing small runs of a vinyl only releases.
As a dedication to Monsieur Le Sonra aka Sun Ra, All City will be releasing Sun Ra reinterpretations, Views Of Saturn, by friends and fam of the label - starting w/ Sun Ra aficionado Ras G & The ASP. With a collection of Sun Ra wax that may rival only the late great himself, Ras G's selection to set off the series was indispensable - setting mood, tone and rhythm - as this could be the most conceptual collection to date from the Dublin label.

As if Ras G's recherché riddims weren't enough, this 12" will be rations leaving listeners ravished. Ras G has certainly been a maverick in his own interpretation of the art, and maintains the spirit of the late Saturnite Sun Ra.
Look for this to hit shops this month.

Nota Bene: NOT FOR GIRLS. (lol - funny one O).

You can listen to it here.


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