Monday, July 25, 2011

Africa Hitech: Scratcha DVA Hi:Emotions Remix [DWNLD]

Just few days removed from a tweet which alerted me to a remix which was completed for a Africa Hitech track, here it is.
How Does It Make You Feel was a track which was released on the Hitecherous EP in June 2010. The song was in fact remixed by man like Scratcha DVA soon after in Aug 2010. Africa Hitech held it until now, dropping this as a freebie for the ppl dem to enjoy.
Scratcha DVA took this one right to the floor w/ a delightfully dulcet depiction of it's digital original, using delicate synths and deep bassline producing a truly emotional refix.

You can scoop this How Does It Make You Feel (Scratcha DVA Hi:Emotions Remix) from the good ppl over @ RCRD LBL.

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