Friday, July 1, 2011

Africa Hitech: Out In The Streets [VIDEO]


I love this. THIS.

We've not seen any videos come out of the Harmonic 313 / Africa Hitech corner since the critically acclaimed Battlestar video. But, you know that this camp would soon to deliver something fresh and futuristic.
So the 1st video drops for the brilliant 'Out In The Streets' single taken from 93 Million Miles. Robots, streets and flashes of both Mark and Steve: pretty much as would be expected, minus the flashes of both Mark and Steve.
But seriously, my man and i were discussing the direction and he thought that a more bashy setting would have been better/fresher. I would have liked that still - I lvbe bashy videos, ask Ras. ;)
Anyhow, this is something fresh w/o a doubt and you need to get that 93 Million Miles LP.
BTW, North America: look out for tour dates in November 2011.



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