Sunday, July 31, 2011

House Shoes: Rapping w/ Paul White [DWNLD]

House Shoes is at it again. Not had a chance of rawking w/ him for more than a min but it's always nice to hear from dude even though I missed him when I was in LA recently

Commissioned to curate the official mixtape for Paul White's Rapping With Paul White (due August 22 2011), he's put together a banger of a mix for the fans to enjoy and run until that big day comes. All beats done/rmx'd by Paul himself, replete w/ exclusives. Say wrd.

Rapping With Paul White - The DJ House Shoes Mixtape by alexchase

You know the drill, hit the little arrow on the right for your own copy.


Life Is Flashing Intro
Trust featuring Guilty Simpson
A New Way
Get Down RMX* -Nas
One Of Life's Pleasures RMX* featuring Danny Brown
Hype Strings*
In The Good RMX* not featuring The Visionaries
The Doldrums
Run Shit featuring Marv Won
Holla RMX* featuring Prince Po
Guitar Riff Pt. IIII*
What's That Funny Smell?
Dirty Slang featuring Guilty Simpson
Classic RMX* featuring MED and Talib Kweli
Rotten Apples featuring Tranqill
Love To Japan*
Never Too Late*
Stressed Out RMX* featuring ATCQ
Guitar Racing*
Getting Lucky*
Wiltering Heat*
Up Close*

*non-album exclusives

Again, Rapping With Paul White LP will be out Aug 22 2011, on One Handed Music. Say Wrd.



Friday, July 29, 2011

Lunice: Guardian [DWNLD]

It don't stop, and it don't quit. Lucky Me is sending the souldiers @ on a blitz this fall. Hudson Mohawke, Rustie and now we have news from Lunice that he will be dropping One Hunned, the new EP scheduled for a Aug 16th release. Tight. But before all that drops, we're being treated to a teaser freebie.

Again, much like in Prison Garde's case, I was able to listen to much unreleased material from Lunice during the RBMA tour this year. So when I 1st heard this, memories of Lunice's exceptions live sets reappeared. (And if you've not seen him live, you need to).

LUNICE - Guardian (The Fader Premier) by LuckyMe Music.Art.Parties

Head over to Fader to scoop the download.


Say wrd


Rustie: Glass Swords [VIDEO]

Lucky Me's blitz of unsuspecting revelers this year continues as the baby faced, seasoned vet Rustie prepares for his long time awaited full length LP. The countdown now begins: Oct 10th/11th will signal the release of Glass Swords, Rustie's full length debut on Warp.

This LP will be sure to follow where Rustie left off after the Sunburst EP from 2010, still keeping with the style and sound that got him his notoriety in the 1st place with floor classics.


01 - Glass Swords
02 - Flash Back
03 - Surph
04 - Hover Traps
05 - City Star
06 - Globes
07 - Ultra Thizz
08 - Death Mountain
09 - Cry Flames
10 - After Light
11 - Ice Tunnels
12 - All Nite
13 - Crystal Echo

As well, look for Rustie to engage on some North American dates in very late fall/early winter, working this side of the pond to promote this release.

Looking fwd.



Hudson Mohawke: Satin Panthers [STREAM]

I'll keep this pretty quick, mostly quoting an email I sent to Warp USA.

In a few days, we'll witness the newest releaser from Hudson Mohawke, Satin Panthers, which has been a hotly anticipated EP. YES, an EP. Thunder Bay has been certified as a massive hit, enjoyed by present and new fans alike, and this EP is signaling Hudmo's official seperation from the peleton of "beat producers", and this is only the EP. The sound that started out seemingly as show tunes/exclusives pre Butter, have come to define his landmark grandiose and dramatic sound - and it's evident at the 1st drop of the needle/1st click of play with an EPIC opening.

Track list:

1. Octan
2. Thunder Bay
3. Cbat
4. All Your Love
5. Thank You.

Satin Panthers is available Aug 1st/2nd worldwide



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Prison Garde: Systeme Hermes [DWNLD]

I didn't pipe much about this one online, but I was pretty pumped to hear this was drop. Long story short, I've had a pile of respect for this dood. Prison Garde has had more monikers you could shake a stick @, with numerous accomplishments in music than most realize. He's been creating music for almost 20 yrs starting as the legendary Sixtoo, then progressing his sound to a more electronic based composition in Montréal, being part of the famed Megasoid as SpeakerBruiser and now, has taken his act all the way across Canada to Vancouver where after settling in, he's now metamorphosed in to Prison Garde, and today, leading up to Bass Coast Festival has released a full LP entitled Système Hermès.

Earlier this year in March, I was privileged to have sampled daily for almost 3 weeks many of Prison Garde's riddims whilst on tour, and do recall specifically pulling him aside a few times, mentioning how banging much of his set was. So it was w/ much jubilation that, when I played the very 1st track, I was greeted with on of my fave riddims out the gate. As it seems, I was unknowingly a participant in the sampling of the Système Hermès LP.
Full of 808 kicks and claps, Système Hermès' meter ranges from a slow flow, to more frenetic clips - all whilst retaining an obvious and apparent respect for classic and timeless club concepts, a testament to a vet w/ years in the game.


Newlove Oldgirl

13 track deep, Prison Garde's Système Hermès has been released and welcomed with more adulation than Mike Tyson from the pen, and has been made available as a free download over @ , along w/ a great Q&A ahead of his show @ the Bass Coast Festival this coming weekend. And speaking of... There's a bonus bootleg beat on the LP you'll certainly dig.

Say Wrd.



Knxwledge: Hexual Sealings [DWNLD]

A few weeks, in the wee hours one night Knxwledge and I went on a usual late night ramblings - chatting about all and nothing. He sent over some tracks that as expected, were their usual banging selves. As I quizzed him about the next project when he was in Toronto, he filed to mentioned this new one which JUST dropped: Hexual Sealings.

Knxwledge, though mostly renown for the deft loops and drums on instrumental pieces of madness, assembled Hexual Sealings as a record featuring some time tested remixes for us to enjoy. This 11 track LP features remixes featuring Musiq, Hov, Dilla, Nas, FaithEvans, Andre3000, Bilal, and even Drake. Say wrd. But he also slipped in one instrumental banger for those in need. A great piece of work.

You can go and download Knxwledge's reinterpretation of Musiq Soulchild Befriends called Loavhorts for free over @ FRSHSLCTS and the LP is available now over @ his bandcamp.



Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Out on both wax and digital is a collab effort I was emailed about not so long ago, Broken Haze vs B Bravo.

Broken Haze was a cat I 1st came across via one of the earliest Japanese quake fundraisers, the sort of talent that I knew existed in Japan, but was not familiar with. In this instance, he connects w/ Frite Nite's bay area B Bravo on a double a side 6 track EP that's available today world wide from Raid System. Some of the tracks I recall hearing during B Bravo's set @ DEMF in Detroit, and they were pretty sick. Below is a little sample to get you in the groove...



01 Sunday nite
02 Midnite [BROKEN HAZE Remix]
03 Sundaynite VIP

04 Rebuild [B.Bravo Remix]
05 Sunday nite [B.Bravo Remix]
06 Midnite

Again, BROKEN HAZE VS B.BRAVO is out now. Say wrd.



Finest Ego August Mix by Ta-Ku [DWNLD]

Celebrating the launch of the split 12" from Ta-Ku and Pavel Dovgal, we have a new edition of the monthly mix from Finest Ego.



01. Mndsgn ft. KnXledge & Suzi Analogue – Bananacase
02. Waajeed – Tetris
03. Teebs – Why Like This?
04. Full Crate & Mar – She Was Fly
05. Kan Sano – Dream In
06. RLP – LLL
07. KnXledge – Kanaloap(Layte)
08. Klipmode – Actriz
09. King Knut – Stavanger
10. Häzel – Twilight
11. M-Phazes – Piano Track
12. M-Phazes – Untitled
13. Tony Ozier – Back To The Mitten
14. 14KT – The Meaning
15. Swiff D – Gone B Alright
16. M-Phazes – Swaggeriffic
17. J-Dilla – Don’t Cry
18. J-Dilla – One Eleven



Monday, July 25, 2011

Lapti x JonWayne: Leaving Home [DWNLD]

A sudden collaborative piece between JonWayne & Muscovite Lapti has emerged moments ago on soundcloud. Is that JonWayne singing?? Yup. Backing it w/ some spitting. Nice.
Grab it whilst you still can.

Lapti x Jonwayne - Leaving home by Lapti



Live @ Low End Theory: Taurus Scott [DWNLD]

In a rare opportunity to truly live a Low End Theory set, we have a recorded set from Taurus Scott aka T Scott from July 13th 2011, a night I in fact attended.
Taurus Scott, a former in house engineer for G Unit, who has major label production credits is currently preparing for a beat inspired EP. Between that and working FT @ Native Instruments, he's been cutting his teeth working on more live sets, hoping to take his act on the road. Stay tuned.
The night was packed and the crowd was live indeed. I was @ the back holding Red Stripes. ;)

Low End Theory July 13th 2011 Taurus Scott Set by Taurus Scott aka T Scott

You can stream/download it here, and show some love on the soundcloud page.


Africa Hitech: Scratcha DVA Hi:Emotions Remix [DWNLD]

Just few days removed from a tweet which alerted me to a remix which was completed for a Africa Hitech track, here it is.
How Does It Make You Feel was a track which was released on the Hitecherous EP in June 2010. The song was in fact remixed by man like Scratcha DVA soon after in Aug 2010. Africa Hitech held it until now, dropping this as a freebie for the ppl dem to enjoy.
Scratcha DVA took this one right to the floor w/ a delightfully dulcet depiction of it's digital original, using delicate synths and deep bassline producing a truly emotional refix.

You can scoop this How Does It Make You Feel (Scratcha DVA Hi:Emotions Remix) from the good ppl over @ RCRD LBL.

Say wrd




Sunday, July 24, 2011

This Is For You: Eric Lau [DWNLD]

Good friend (and I do mean that) Eric Lau just dropped a quick one. The dude I met in 08 (or what that 09?), @ a Stones Throw show has been a little quiet of late. Could this be a precursor of something to come from the Londoner?? Hope so.

Stay tuned and enjoy this free download.

say wrd.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Strangeloop & Austin Peralta LIVE [DWNLD]

I post this only hours before Brainfeeder and visual arts virtuoso Dr. Strangeloop has his gallery show tonight in LA.
He plans to have Teebs as well as youngest in charge Austin Peralta along for support. And speaking of the young prodigy, I came across a live recording of a Dr. Strangeloop and Peralta performance @ Cal Arts.

Strangeloop & Austin Peralta ( live at CalArts ) 2010 by strangeloop

The performance was everything expected: A dramatic score composed of keys, with said piano solos segueing into soundscapes of shadowy and nebulous beats... a fresh listen indeed.

You can stream the performance here and also download it on soundcloud on Dr. Strangeloop's page (or hit the little arrow)



Akai Pro Beat & Loop Library [DWNLD]

File under I didn't know.
As much as I don't cover too much production news, I do like the idea of touching on it on the surface level - and I plan to a bit more seeing that I like the end product.
So, with Summer NaMM taking place as we speak, we look for new announcements as well as product tweaks.
Akai Pro is of no exception. One pretty interesting note is that they have a soundcloud page where they post royalty free loops and breaks available for download for use to chop, sample and everything in between. There's a but of everything there to download, and all in uncompressed .wavs. Hip hop, breaks and even [gulp] dubstep. ;)


7 Vintage Breaks 97 BPM by AkaiPro

AKAI PRO - DUBSTEP LOOP 7 - 140 BPM by AkaiPro

You can look @ all 40 samples on the Akai Pro * Soundcloud page, and follow them as they upload more for you to enjoy. Chop chop now.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Shafiq Husayn/ Om'mas Keith - LA #0 [DWNLD]

in a crowning end to what has been an epic journey, All City release LA #0, the last piece from the now famed LA 10" series. This eleventh and last edition which has been numbered 0, features Creative Partners Shafiq Husayn & Om'mas Keith, 2/3rd of Sa-Ra.

Shafiq Husayn's side is composed as a trilogy, with the one song split into 3 parts. His side was def cut for the beat scientists out there. The flip side's Om'mas Keith composition was done in a slightly different frame of mind. In a more dance floor friendly arrangement, we have a vocal track done in a classic Sa-Ra fashion.

Om'mas Keith Girl's A Player (snippet)

Shafiq Husayn DNA Splice (snippet)

You can grab one of the Shafiq Husayn tracks in it's entirety over by XLR8R.

This Shafiq Husayn / Om'mas Keith - LA #0 from All City will be in shops Aug 9th 2011.

Say wrd.



Outer Galaxies: Dennis Coffey Re-Worked [DWNLD]

Some time back, I read some tweets re: some remixes being touched up and completed for a Dennis Coffey project my Struts Records. Shot a few tweets out asking around, notably to my man The High Five Ghost aka 14kt who was seemingly involved.
A few weeks later, we've been blessed.
Strut Records presents Outer Galaxies: Dennis Coffey Re-Worked

With this, we have a bit of an all star cast from Detroit, a quasi starting lineup akin to the famed championship years of the Pistons. Anchoring the project and center of it all is legend Dennis Coffey. A guitarist who once had a top 10 billboard hit (those days of instrumental his will come again!), but certainly made a name for himself playing w/ classic Motown acts.
With this last record coming from the ppl from Strut, they assembled a supporting cast of highly touted guards and forwards in assembling a starting lineup for this remix project. Involved are, Shigeto, 14kt, Mayer Hawtorne, Nick Speed and Dabrye to name a few - all of whom have been influenced by Dennis Coffey's work.
Best is that the project has been released for free in it's entirety.


1- 7th Galaxy feat. Jamall Bufford (14KT remix)
2- I Bet You (Version) (DeepSeeSoundSystem mix)
3- All Your Goodies Are Gone feat. Mayer Hawthorne (Shigeto remix)
4- Plutonius (Recloose Re-dub)
5- Imported From Detroit by Magestik Legend
6- Miss Millie feat. Kings go Forth (Dabrye's Synthesized mix)
7- Space Traveller (Nick Speed remix)
8- Only Good For Ectomorph

Dennis Coffey - 7th Galaxy feat. Jamall Bufford (14KT remix) by Strut

Dennis Coffey- All Your Goodies Are Gone feat. Mayer Hawthorne (Shigeto remix) by Strut

The above two track are free downloads, as is the full EP for all to enjoy. Head over to Strut Records for your free copy.



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Africa Hitech: Live At Sonar


My plans went awry when trying to hit Sonar this year. And for those who knew my plans: I was going exclusively to see A-FRI-CA HI-TECH.

Their Sonar set from the RBMA Sonar Dome was recently uploaded and made available for all to stream, and it's been awesome seeing it getting tweeted and RT. Amazing. In any case, enjoy.


Naive Machine: Robot Ramification [DWNLD]

In an email from AYK just about 1 week ago, I was introduced to Naive Machine (I always feel like saying Native Instruments - see the connect?). I love being introduced to new riddims.
Thought I was little light on deets, looks like this now London tax payer was a hip hop producer now turned to more electronic authoring. All good.
Dropping in August is Naive Machine's Robot Ramification on Hit And Hope Records.

Joystick anyone?? Looking @ the cover alone will conjure visions of a stool, a row of quarters and tons of 8bit. What does show in bits are his roots from is hip hop days and it's classic 90 some bpm cadence, but like more and more of his ilk, he's experimenting with different tempos and rhythms. Say wrd.
However, as Naive Machine mentioned himself, his goal was a much more electronic sound - we'll say future bass - and he does just that using his foundation in kicks and snare coupled with his extensive synth outfits.
For the ones lucky enough to scoop the wax, you'll be rewarded (and I do mean that), with an Om Unit rmx. POW.


A1. Tiltin Ova
A2. Robot Ramification
A3. Afrika
B1. Electric Eccentric
B2. Call of the Wild
B3. Afrika (Om Unit Remix) (12" exclusive)

Tiltin Ova

Naive Machine's Robot Ramification will be available on wax August 15th 2011, with the digital following in September.

And as a treat, here's a mix of his i found floating around online. Hit the likkle arrow for a likkle download. ;)

NAIVE MACHINE Promo Mix by Wavey Tones





Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Radiohead Remixes: Nathan Fake & Mark Pritchard

After launching their remixes w/ what were 2 phenomenal picks for lead off 12" in Jacques Greene and Caribou, the good men that are Radiohead yesterday released another 12", this time featuring Nathan Fake and all world Mark Pritchard
Nathan Fake delivers a great refix of Morning Mr Magpie, maintaining tempo but with an entirely new feel and ascending progression. We are then treated to not one but two Mark Pritchard (along w/ alias Harmonic 313) interpretations of Bloom. Pfff. I'm not seen such a bold statement of affirmation of adroitness like this since my hip hop days (Common had a 12" w/ 2 Large Pro remixes + Channel Live had a double a side remixed by Buckwild). But when you're big, these things happen. I'll let you be the judge.

All 3 versions are available now.

Say wrd.


Dibiase: Live in Montréal [DWNLD]

In a small east coast Canadian tour I regret not having been able to attend, the head spinner, light dimmer, 3 knockout count winner aka the diabolical Dibiase had dates in Toronto, Québec City as well as Montréal. The good ppl over @ MIMS had a great show and were able to get a live podcast from it. It featured some classics as well as some new and never heard slappers. Might have been fuel from all that lovely poutine on plate. Nice. Do yourself a favor and scoop this quick.

Dibiase, Live in Montréal - July 2011

[download via MIMS]

Go nuts.



LDFD: Outtacontrol [DWNLD]

A few months back, I sat with Daedelus discussing all things music, including the future of MagicalProps bka his label and potentially brand that is Magical Properties.
He had mentioned his excitement in the signing of a young Texan Justin Ledford aka LDFD.
So today, LDFD's 1st release off MagicalProps dropped: Outtacontrol

Shining w/ swinging tempos within tracks (something I love), with glittering harmonies and spliced samples all up and down the song's sequence, LDFD offers a Texas sized taste of his talent in this 4 track EP, which also features a requisite Daedelus refix of the title track. I'm looking fwd to the opportunity to see LDFD peform in what will hopefully be a Magical Properties 4 tour.

1. Outtacontrol
2. Mucho Mango
3. Pinheiro
4. Outtacontrol (Daedelus Remix)

Outtacontrol by LDFD
[download via Pitchfork]

Mucho Mango by LDFD

Outtacontrol is out today worldwide on Magical Properties.



Monday, July 18, 2011

DOUR Festival Recap: LeFtO Stage [VIDEO]

LeFto has been a curator for 9 yrs @ the famed Dour festival. Every year, he assembles a cast of acts to dazzle the Belgium crowds. Having acts like Electric Wire Hustle, Ghostpoet, Nosaj Thing, Grems, Herbaliser, Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer and Cut Chemist, he was able to dazzle all 7000 goers.
LeFto created a video recap.


Finest Ego: UK / Ireland Compilation [DWNLD]

In their quest to document the world's best and most promising producers across the blue planet, Project Moon Circle's Finest Ego series is now in The United Kingdom/Ireland to showcase what many of us know: UK got talent. ;)
Presenting the UK / Ireland Compilation.

Say wrd. This is simply a compilation that acknowledges what many of us have known for more than a min: a lot of bangers are coming out of the UK/Ireland, and have been for a hot min. Even more fun has has been seeing names of ppl I've spoken of/been in touch with along the way for this mini blog we are. Names like Darkhouse Family + Don Leisure (with a track i've been banging for 1yr +), Kelpe, Mr Beatnick (dinner on me next time), Huess, Arp 101 and Om Unit, of course all world Jay Scarlett, Sert One, fLako, Monky (who Juha introduced me to) and Elliott Yorke aka Yorke Beats of Royalty (who got incessant shouts on Rinse).
There are many more I'm now discovering - which is the best part.

01 Punta Skala Don Leisure
02 Beat Imperial Kelpe
03 Black Gestapo Danny Drive Thru
04 Survivor Seagull Mansion
05 Ode to Vomitea Grey School Naive Ted, Mikey Fingers & Vince Mack Mongrul
06 Wotchagonnado Mr Beatnick
07 Baby Love Mr Healan
08 Drink Don't Drive Huess
09 Where Is Everyone Darkhouse Family
10 Oi Stalker Benjamin One
11 Clever Carl Ean
12 Roll Dat T-Woc
13 Feel It All Now Soosh and Gards from KC
14 On 2 You Bobby Tank
15 Dr Funkenstein Arp 101 & Om Unit
16 Seanie's Beat Eomac
17 Slide Away Jay Scarlett
18 Naiad Om Unit
19 Lost Consonants Lapalux
20 Sweet Vixen S Type
21 Spaced Sound Species
22 Woe Betide Them Melodica Deathship
23 Off The Burn Sert One
24 French Vanilla Monky
25 Tribal Colors Eliott Yorke (Royalty)
26 Blurry Dream fLako

26 tracks deep from the up and coming. Like Dart Adams would say, don't sleep. This will be out Aug 5th 2011 and will also be available on cassette for Matthew David and all the Top Tape guests. ;)

PMC082 - Finest Ego | United Kingdom / Ireland Compilation snippet by Project Mooncircle
[Download the sampler mix]

Say wrd.


Dza: Zookeeper EP

New 12" from Russia's very own Dza, from the good ppl @ Error Broadcast.
Beats, loops, 8bit and even a likkle wobble, all things present in this new 8 track 12" which also features 2 rmxs from Friends Of Friends Salva and Digi G’alessio who refits Sea Monstr with a dreamy edit.

This new Dza 12" is available today on digital worldwide and also on 200 copies of limited clear wax, you can go ahead and scoop the release immediately. A must to align with the rest of the famed Error Broadcast catalog.


01 – Zoo Keeper
02 – Vanillaface (feat. Montgomery Clunk)
03 – Dance with Me
04 – Super Fly
05 – Limbo
06 – Sea Monstr
07 – Zoo Keeper (Salva Remix)
08 – Sea Monstr (Digi G’alessio Remix)

Love the artwork btw.




In a rebuilding process that will take several years to complete, Japan is faced with a frightening financial obligation. The damage from the 2011 Tsunami has yet to be tallied completely, but one thing for certain, every little bit of fundraising effort will be welcomed with open arms, despite their developed country standing.
We've seen a very active music community get behind Japan, and this beat science/bass music scene has not been the exception.
Now, Icasea presents their own edition: Benefit Compilation for Japan.

"Benefit Compilation For Japan" is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the March 11th Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, and to those affected by the ongoing nuclear crisis.

All proceeds from the sale of this compilation will be donated to assist in the rebuilding of peoples lives and the recovery of the devastated areas. The proceeds will be split between the Japanese Red Cross Earthquake Relief Fund and the special accounts set up by the regional governments of the affected areas for the acceptance of monetary donations.

Many thanks to all the contributing artists."

Many thanks indeed, as this compilation packs 70+ tracks which would make it a quadruple disc. There are enough contributions on this compilation to keep you going for solid month. But better yet, the comp is available for 7£.

The Benefit Compilation for Japan is available now for download.

Enjoy and show love.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mndsgn & Dibiase [LIVE]

On this Saturday afternoon, New Jersey's Mndsgn and LA's Dibiase connected and are streaming live a writing session at the very moment. Something special is happening...



Friday, July 15, 2011

Turnin' Me On - Keri Hilson (Hudson Mohawke rmx)

As he continues to tease us about his coming EP, and reminds us of his prowess in flipping R&B (could this be it's revival?), Glaswegian virtuoso Hudson Mohawke puts up a Keri Hilson rmx for all to stream. Wow. Of course, almost 3500 plays in just about 7 hrs.

Hudson Mohawke - Turn Me Off by hudsonmohawke



Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flash Bang Grenada [Busdriver + Nocando]

So, quite a few weeks back i was online browsing, and saw this very clip - this track called Beat My Bitch. Nice. Sent an email to Nosaj Thing for deets, but it prob got lost in the sauce. No worries.
The key here was that both Busdriver and Nocando were riding this beat from Nosaj Thing that I had LONG lusted over. It 1st came to my attention during the exclusive set Nosaj had done for Mary Anne Hobbs during her refugee shows last April 2010.
Long story short, this beat is essentially the bed for this Beat My Bitch leak, which is altogether signaling this Flash Bang Grenada collaboration between Nocando + Busdriver.
This HellFyre Club release 10 Haters is due out Aug 23rd 2011 and will feature production from Nosaj Thing, Shlohmo, Free The Robots, Mexicans with Guns among others.


1. Good Cop, Bad Cop (produced by Dibia$e)
2. Beat My Bitch (produced by Nosaj Thing)
3. I Can Teleport (produced by Busdriver)
4. Moisturizer (produced by Mexicans with Guns)
5. Aphrodite (produced by E. Super)
6. Bernie (produced by Busdriver)
7. In a Perfect World ft. Open Mike Eagle (produced by Mono/Poly)
8. 10 Haters (produced by Free The Robots)
9. Hyperbolic ft. Del the Funky Homosapien (produced by Shlohmo)
10. Jimmy (produced by Bloccade)

Beat My Bitch - Flash Bang Grenada



Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sonic Router x Bleep Podcast [DWNLD]

Curator extraordinaire Oli over @ Sonic Router has another fine podcast in collaboration w/ Bleep to offer for the man dem. ;)
Again, tons of advance and unreleased riddims for the folks to enjoy. It's 9 editions deep already?? Wow.

Sonic Router x Bleep #9



1. Slugabed – Nu Krak Swing [Ninja Tune]
2. mfp – Future Hopes [Brownswood]
3. Samiyam – Frosting Packets [Brainfeeder]
4. DZA – I’ll Never Shirk The School [Project Mooncircle]
5. Com Truise – Glawio [Ghostly]
6. Squeaky Lobster – Aarnivalkea [Vlek]
7. Roedilus – Begegnung [Bureau B]
8. Battles – Toddler [Warp]
9. Clams Casino – Gorilla [Tri Angle]
10. Motem – Vanity Hugs (Mesak Remix) [Astro:Dynamics]
11. Siriusmo – Rockwurst [Monkeytown]
>>> Wiley – Numbers In Action [Big Dada]
12. Jacques Green – What Are You Feelin [UNO NYC]
13. Midland – Through Motion [Aus Music]
14. Cosmin TRG – De Dans [50 Weapons]
15. Girl Unit – Wut (Claude Von Stroke Remix) [Night Slugs]
16. Sigha – HF029B1 [Hotflush]
17. Milyoo – Biogram v2 (WNCL Remix) [WNCL]
18. Ossie – Power of Love [Hyperdub]
19. Jamie xx – Far Nearer [Numbers]
20. Zomby – A Devil Lay Here [4AD]
21. Guido & Baobinga – Bumba [Build]
22. Teeth – Shawty [502]
23. SBTRKT – Ready Set Loop [Young Turks]

Enjoy and show love.


Shell Of Light - Burial (Shlohmo rmx) [DWNLD]


Maybe so, but also so talented. As Shlohmo prepares for his sophomoric return w/ a new LP Bad Vibes due August 9th, the youngest in charge is filling time chopping girls on twitter as well as remixing randomly - as with this.

Just a few moments ago, the afore mentioned Henry Laufer bka Shlohmo, besieged by supposed boredom, remixes a Burial track for the beat barons to bob their heads to.

Shell Of Light - Burial (Shlohmo rmx)




Monday, July 11, 2011

Starship 27 v2: The Videos [VIDEO]

As you know (are maybe are learning now), a great comp came out earlier this year form the good ppl @ Insect Records, and the mind of J1 aka The Deer.

Keeping with the intergalactic theme, they edited some fresh vids to the soundtrack of the comp, for fun and promo of course, but by all means - enjoy these.


Don't forget that this great comp is available/out now.



Solar Cycle / Merkabah: Om Unit x Kromestar

As I mentioned just a few days ago, Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge Recordings is launching, and the 1st 12" is officially available July 25th 2011 NOW.
You can listen to a track here and the whole 12" on the Cosmic Bridge site, and marvel @ Om Unit & Kromestar's delightfully dark single, sequenced w/ military precision.

Om Unit x Kromestar - Solar Cycle

Again, you scoop this 12" now from the Cosmic Bridge shop, and the digital as well. Note that the 12" will come w/ codes for digi downloads.




Back @ it...

Your man Mndsgn got a new twitter handle and a new LP entitled NoMaps.
I mean, for cultured and the briefed, this LP from Mndsgn will fall right into what they love so much from this New Jersey instrumentalist, with riddims fatter than Gov Chris Christie. But for the layman?? Pffff. Get down to some that of that slow flow that brings cats back to the roots of straight boom bap, but these aren't just loops. I mean, that undeniable four on the floor, drums banging w / that swing, and samples adeptly placed.... Stumble is certainly one of my fave tracks (#7), but the whole record got bangers. :

Up and available to cop @ Bandcamp.


Say wrd.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Satin Panthers by Hudson Mohawke - Preview

So, this Satin Panthers EP is about to drop in less than 1 month. Game changer anyone?? Ya. I think so. I mean, HudMo's fans and followers are more than ready for some new music - and I must say, he's been able to keep it as leak free as possible + got the best and most influential playing his bangers.
But the best part is still the fact that, YEARS LATER, hip hop has FINALLY come around paid attention. Those tweets from Just Blaze?? DId you read those?? They prob started something, but really - the music spoke for itself.

Yo. Ok right now @moanhawke is my favorite prod. Thanks dude. Files were worth the wait.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

I am listening to new @moanhawke and almost just got moved to tears. Wow. These are the chords I hear in dreams that I forget when I wakeless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

Quick story.

A few weeks back, played a few riddims for this friend @ a LAME nxne festival event (nxne, get your act together) and then played Thunder Bay. This dude came RUSHING to the booth like 'WTF IS THIS?? THIS IS BANGING'. He never heard of Hudmo. All good. Rapped w/ him outside and showed him the science.

Anyhow, with a who new set of ears, I think this will be a BIG year for Hudson Mohawke.

So here's a preview of his EP - yes, EP - that's got the innanet going nuts. almost 10k plays in 24hrs. Nice.

Hudson Mohawke - Satin Panthers (Snips Preview - out 1st/2nd August) by hudsonmohawke

So here's to August 1st and 2nd - the days the Satin Panthers EP by Hudson Mohawke drops. We're all looking fwd.



Cosmic Bridge Recordings [DWNLD]

A few weeks back, got this message from one of my fave producers (no, for real), Om Unit: he was starting his own label. Say wrd.
In a convo we had, he mentioned that he was going to take a stab @ music full time (you mean you hadn't been already?? Dayum).
Om Unit quietly had some of my fave joints in the last few, just as listeners but also as crowd riddims. Say wrd.
So, it's not surprise to see something special come out of it.
With that, Cosmic Bridge Recordings is born.

And to celebrate the new venture, Om Unit is letting go of an interstellar dubby riddim for the mans dem to download.

A true gent indeed, and def looking forward to more niceness from a man like Om Unit. Make sure to check his his site for more deets.



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lover's Melt 2 by Flying Lotus [DWNLD]


A 2nd mix from Flying Lotus in as many months. Following up his 1st Lover's Melt some weeks ago, Brainfeeder's head honcho drops another inspired mix for listeners - Lover's Melt 2:

As he describes it:

ladies.U just met this amazing guy,he makes you laugh he smells good and you want to get to know him better. let me help than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

A marital aid?? Flying Lotus, the date doctor?? Match Maker?? Maybe. But this is one you wanna click when you're with the lady friend fa sho. You can download all 2hrs+ of the mix right from Brainfeeder.



How Stella Got Her Groove Back by Jonwayne

Youngest in charge Jonwayne & Hit + Run crew collab for a mix CD that dropped yesterday. How Stella Got Her Groove Back is a mix featuring unreleased and classics from some of your fave cats: Flying Lotus, Samiyam, Low Limit, Dibiase, Ta'rach, Mndsgn, Devonwho, Tuxedo Kamen, Culprit and Zeroh, by Busta Rhymes and Squarepusher, plus a dozen exclusive Jonwayne tracks.

JONWAYNE "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" Promo Sampler by HIT+RUN

Real curious about this one. It's available now. Show love.


All City's Views Of Saturn w/ Ras G & The ASP

In another series for the fans, All City will be doing small runs of a vinyl only releases.
As a dedication to Monsieur Le Sonra aka Sun Ra, All City will be releasing Sun Ra reinterpretations, Views Of Saturn, by friends and fam of the label - starting w/ Sun Ra aficionado Ras G & The ASP. With a collection of Sun Ra wax that may rival only the late great himself, Ras G's selection to set off the series was indispensable - setting mood, tone and rhythm - as this could be the most conceptual collection to date from the Dublin label.

As if Ras G's recherché riddims weren't enough, this 12" will be rations leaving listeners ravished. Ras G has certainly been a maverick in his own interpretation of the art, and maintains the spirit of the late Saturnite Sun Ra.
Look for this to hit shops this month.

Nota Bene: NOT FOR GIRLS. (lol - funny one O).

You can listen to it here.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Dj Jay 5ive & Kromestar 12"

Something coming out soon from DJ Jay 5ive, the host of one of my fave shows on Rinse FM (Anti Social) and Kromestar is a new 12" from Bass N Love.
Wishful Thinking b/w Electric Avenue. Just the type of 12" I love to see. A pick of tempos on the same 12". Wishful Thinking is a 90 sum bpm riddim which i've heard quite a few times on the Anti Social show, reminding me that a well curated radio show does what it's suppose to be - preview new music and create that anticipation. That track has been one of my faves. The flip goes into the 140 spectrum, delivering a dark and ghostly composition.

Wishful Thinking

Electric Avenue

You can order the 12" over here.


Araab Muzik [VIDEO]

I was not sold with all the early hype, as I felt there were and STILL are many who do this [read Jeremy Ellis], but this Araab Muzik is nice - esp what beat that is that comes in @ 40s.



Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mark Pritchard + Spikey T [DWNLD]

In what was a set played @ the multi functional Oxford Art Factory, our fave Mark Pritchard was teamed up w/ yard man Spikey T for local show curators Void as they presented Digital Mystikz.

Who else do you know can be listed under 3 different names on the same mix? So awesome.

Mark Pritchard w/ Spikey T @ Void Sydney Presents DMZ by man like pritch

Dirtbox - Harmonic 313
Bazooka Riddim - Harmonic 313
Lion - Harmonic 313
Thunder bay - Hudson Mohawke
Ready set loop - Sbtrkt
Its late - Silkie
Sorefoot - P Jam
Trance girl - Joker
Shock out - Coki
Too much chat - Mala
Humbreed - Calibre
Caveman style - Africa Hitech
A special - Mark Pritchard
Out in the street - Africa Hitech
Out in the street VIP - Africa Hitech
The License - Phillip D Kick Footwork Jungle
Exhibit G - Dj Spinn
One Blood - Dj Roc
Atlantis - Phillip D Kick Footwork Jungle
Atlantis - LTJ Bukem
You Don't know - Dillinja
RIP - Remarc
Acid track - Dillinja
Dark Soldier - (Back in the days mix) - Ray keith
Future Unknown - Dj Krust
Super sharp Shooter - Dj Zinc
England Story - YT
Batty Rider - Buju Banton

A nice freebie from man like Pritch himself. Nice.



Friday, July 1, 2011

Rinse FM: ARP101 ft Om Unit & B Bravo [DWNLD]

So last week, with Alex Nut's absence on his show, the slot was filled in by Eglo's ARP101 with a 2 hr special which featured esteemed guests Om Unit and Earnest Endeavour's and Frite Nite's own B Bravo.
To put it simply:


The show was filled with exclusives from all parties involved and even previewed collaborative works between them during what was an amazing 120 some minutes of ridiculous riddims.

ARP 101 w/ Om Unit & B Bravo (On Rinse FM June 25th 2011)



Say wrd.


Leonard Dstroy: Inner Exit [DWNLD]

Been a min since I had heard from my mans. The last little peep heard from Leonard Dstroy, was a mention from he and his new found partner heRobust w/ regards to a certain collabo. But nonetheless, it's always nice to hear newness from this Missouri maestro.
Available today is a 6 track EP called Inner Exit which was released TODAY.

Available @ a name your price fee, you can experience some more of that heat that had cats bugging out when Higher Vibrations dropped. As per usual, masterful drum programming and exceptional sample selection.

You too can enjoy this EP by heading to his bandcamp and showing dude some love. Salus populi suprema lex esto - indeed.



Friends Of Friends 2nd Anniversary [VIDEO]

A few weeks back, the Friends Of Friends 2nd yr anniversary event took place. Was supposed to be in EU, if not, i would be in LA for this. BOTH fell thru. Le sigh.
Thank the lord of Vimeo.
So here's a recap if the party celebrating a great music agency + a bunch of cats who are making noise: Jonwayne, Anenon, Groundislava, Baths, Shlohmo, Salva and Mexicans with Guns.

I almost forgot that Jon Wayne used to rap. Still remember From The Vaults.

Shouts to Leeeeeeeeeeor.



The Glitch Mob: Warrior Concerto [DWNLD]

Been a hot min. But all good.
Road warriors The Glitch Mob embark on a tour which will take them all across North America, including Toronto (nice).
Although they released a fundraising effort for the Haitian relief cause, their last official LP was Drink The Sea/ They now are preparing their new LP, We Can Make The World Stop which drops July 12th.

And to launch it all off, we got a freebie from the triumvirate: the epic Warrior Concerto

Warrior Concerto - The Glitch Mob


Don't forget to check your local listing for tour date info, and The Glitch for more LP info.


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