Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ta-ku Presents SCRAPS [DWNLD]

In keeping this mini feverish pitch of rolling out some riddims, our good friend Ta-Ku né Regan Matthews has been on a certified branding campaign, setting up what is to be an official release later this year on Project Mooncircle, Faces.
If you've listen to any Ta-Ku's sound, you know that his selections are splitting at the seams with smooth soul, sonorant samples, sharp snares and electronic.

Scraps is essentially an collection of finished works scattered in different areas of his hard drive, but assembled into a beat tape - for pure enjoyment.

Available as a free download, i strongly suggest you grab your own copy and bang it out, mayne. Shouts to Ta-Ku. I see those emails man! Say wrd.



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