Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sunrise Choir: Japanese Rap / Beat Comp [DWNLD] [VIDEO]

Something from our Japanese friends, which is coming from a French Label, Cascade Records. With the wealth of talent, it was only right for another label with aligned interests to release some fresh material.
This comp was in the works long before the cataclysmic earthquake hit Japan, and has luckily seen completion.

Dropping June 15th will be Sunrise Choir, a collective effort from the land of the rising sun - of course. Tracklist is as follows, with some names familiar, like RLP, Kan Sano, Fitz Ambro$e and others new to me:

Sunrise Choir

1. KAN SANO - So Far
2. ILL THE ESSENCE - Dots Elements
3. JAZIM - Warp
4. BUN - Africa Jazz
5. ILLMURA + BUN - Ikudouon
6. BUGSEED - Judgmatic
7. BUDORI - Beats 01
8. u.. - Blue Plum Tokyo
9. Fitz Ambro$e - Stazy
10. Fitz Ambro$e - Esprezzo Knock
11. F itLFO - dilla的な
12. Mind ToUcH - fRaGMeNtED
13. Mind ToUcH - Le PRoMiSe
14. Repeat Pattern - I Steal Everything (feat Broke & 9Planets)
15. BUDORI - Bohemian( remix by Repeat Pattern )
16. Supaluga - Badminton Club( remix by ichiro)
17. ichiro_ - Andrei Kopylov
18. Repeat Pattern - Flipbook (remix by Bun)
19. Jun Nagaosa - Future
20. RLP - Wormform
21. AZ - Beat 66
22. KK - Bang a Gong

To launch the campaign, we have a fresh video as well as a mini mix.

BADMINTON CLUB - ICHIRO_ remix / SUPALUGA from moda on Vimeo.

and the mini mix...

SUNRISE CHOIR new LP // speciaL Teaser mixed by Repeat Pattern by cascade records

As usual, hit the little arrow for the download.



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