Sunday, June 5, 2011

Slugabed: Moonbeam Rider EP [DWNLD]

It's been quote a hot min since, I've chatted dude's name. But 1stly, wanted to send Slugabed a shout for the Ninja Tune signing. Great look. Nice to see Ninja taking a look @ the new gen of bass music and it's producers.
Based out of Brighton, Slugabed's been putting in work, and putting out tracks, from remixes to much of his original works. I used to bump into him on message boards (like that means anything), and finally got to play a show together a few yrs back.
Recently came the signing to Ninja Tune, and he's finally got an EP due out... tomorrow.

If you've ever peeped Slugabed's music, he's always had bangers. Going through my catalog, my 1st riddims were from 2008. I had his famed Superfreak rmx, and of course clunk clunk.
He's def had some releases since then and that all eventually led to tomorrow's big day: Moonbeam Rider EP.

He's had a teaser up for the last few days, so you can hear some of it.


You can also listen to individual tracks on the Ninja Tune site. In stores and online tomorrow June 6th for all to enjoy,

And here's a gift. At somepoint, I know he posted this track from his twitter acct. I had it sitting here, for when my next post came up. So. here it is. Enjoy.

Sweet Baby Electric || Slugabed



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