Friday, June 3, 2011

Hudson Mohawke: Thunder Bay


I love this f*cking track. And i'm so glad it's finally coming out. Let's stop for a hot second.
Hudson Mohawke has been coming into his own beautifully. Much like a young draft pick who's studied his playbook and took control of a game with his known abilities, he's been able to find his musical lane and go pedal to the metal.
Take the early Heralds Of Change, to Butter and now this, you can hear the progression from a young man chopping up samples in classic beat science, to the current status as maestro, conductor. His tracks have become brighter, even more rhythmic than before, sounding like dramatic scores.
World famous Just Blaze went on a recent and epic twitter rant in disbelief @ Hudmo's melodious material. Glad to see more ppl come aboard. Indeed.
Got to rap quickly w/ Hudmo this weekend in Detroit, and we covered above topic. More on that coming hella soon.
In any case, this track was soundclouded 2 days back, and @ last count today: 9943 plays.
Thunder Bay is the track, and Satin Panthers is the EP which is due in August. You can download it with pre-orders. Hit Warp for deets.

And again, for those who follow and listen attentively to his set def recognize this track. What started as a show only chune, has now made the cut as a EP lead. Fantastic.

We're looking fwd.

Say wrd.


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