Friday, June 10, 2011

Dublab Presents: Tonalism [SET TIMES]

Tonight, Toronto is being joined by the Dublab massive for what will be a quasi NUIT BLANCHE, but in the summer. It could not be any better setting for tonight.

This 6p to 6a event will be a once in a lifetime event for Toronto. Avant guard riddims in an outdoor/indoor setting, and some of the most highly regarded musicians from the LA area.
We also have the set times for the night. They're as follows:

OUTSIDE – 6 to 11pm

6:00: DJ Dublab
6:45: Wallace Halladay plays Steve Reich
7:00: DJ Dublab
7:30: Suzanne Kraft
8:15: DJ David Dacks
8:40: Isla Craig
9:00: DJ Craig Dunsmuir
9:30: GuSHee
10:00: DJ WolfG
10:30: Not the Wind, Not the Flag

INSIDE – 11pm to 6am

11:00: DJ Frosty
12:15: DJ Dublab
12:30: DNTEL
1:15: DJ Dublab
1:30: Teebs
2:15: DJ Dublab
2:30: Matthewdavid
3:15: Nilan Perera
3:45: Julia Holter
4:30: DJ Dublab
4:45am: Dublab Group Jam
5:30: DJ Dublab

Looking fwd to seeing you all there.

Don't forget the FB Event page in case you need more deets.

See you tonight.


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