Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cutting Room Floor: Flying Lotus Tracks

so I thought it would be good to share some music while i work.. than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Must be nice.

It what was a tweet w/ treats for his followers. Flying Lotus just through up some tracks he's sat on for our enjoyment. Some rmxs, some edits of known tracks... Wowsers. Not sure how long these will be up, but they've collected THOUSANDS of plays in just about 24 hrs.

Flying Lotus // Massive Attack// vibeangel mix1 by Flyinglotus

Happening really mdrender1 by Flyinglotus

Flying Lotus - psuedo nymph (OG VERSION) by Flyinglotus

You catch the rest here.



Monday, June 13, 2011

Finest Ego: Dza's Guest Mix 001 [DWNLD]


Witness the launch of a brand new series of guest mixes from famed Finest Ego, purveyors of international talent. Curated by Dza, this Red Bull Music Academy grad has had a pretty busy year since his attendance @ the London edition of the Academy. But the Russian scene has been repped very well, with Dza holding it down lovely.

And can I add, this artwork by Aske! is just smashing? Yup.

Spiders Defeated - Dza Guest Mix 001




Friday, June 10, 2011

Africa Hitech: Bleep x Sonar Exclusive [DWNLD]

Setting up Sonar, Bleep has been giving away exclusives all week for a 24hr periods to promo some of the acts performing @ the famed Barcelona festival. Today's giveaway includes this fabulous footwork riddim from Africa Hitech called Go Wild.


Shouts to Raj.



Dublab Presents: Tonalism [SET TIMES]

Tonight, Toronto is being joined by the Dublab massive for what will be a quasi NUIT BLANCHE, but in the summer. It could not be any better setting for tonight.

This 6p to 6a event will be a once in a lifetime event for Toronto. Avant guard riddims in an outdoor/indoor setting, and some of the most highly regarded musicians from the LA area.
We also have the set times for the night. They're as follows:

OUTSIDE – 6 to 11pm

6:00: DJ Dublab
6:45: Wallace Halladay plays Steve Reich
7:00: DJ Dublab
7:30: Suzanne Kraft
8:15: DJ David Dacks
8:40: Isla Craig
9:00: DJ Craig Dunsmuir
9:30: GuSHee
10:00: DJ WolfG
10:30: Not the Wind, Not the Flag

INSIDE – 11pm to 6am

11:00: DJ Frosty
12:15: DJ Dublab
12:30: DNTEL
1:15: DJ Dublab
1:30: Teebs
2:15: DJ Dublab
2:30: Matthewdavid
3:15: Nilan Perera
3:45: Julia Holter
4:30: DJ Dublab
4:45am: Dublab Group Jam
5:30: DJ Dublab

Looking fwd to seeing you all there.

Don't forget the FB Event page in case you need more deets.

See you tonight.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

All City Dublin Presents: Tessela Podcast [DWNLD]

Celebrating the launch of his new EP, West Country's own Tessela was given the task to curate the next All City Podcast. POW (as Kelpe would say).

By way of electronic and bass music, we have the June 2011 All City Podcast. 38 lovely minutes of Tessela's fave hot tempo riddims, including his own forthcoming on his EP, along side some exclusives.

Tessela - Mix June 2011 by allcitydublin

Track list

Lando Kal - Time Out (Hotflush Recordings)
Lory D - Acid Prastix (Numbers)
Martyn & Mike Slott - All Nights (All City Records)
2562 - Flashback (Tectonic)
Tessela - Slugger (Forthcoming All City)
Martyn - Vancouver (Hackman Edit)
Andy Mac - Everytime (Punch Drunk)
D - Bridge ZX81 (Shed Remix) (Fat City)
Boddika - You Tell Me (Nonplus)
Tessela - Push (Forthcoming All City)
Blawan - Potchla Vee (Hessle Audio)
Peverelist - Dance Til The Police Come (Hessle Audio)

As usual, you can hit the likkle arrow for a full 320 podcast. Yesssir. Shouts to O. been a minute. I'm back.



Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sunrise Choir: Japanese Rap / Beat Comp [DWNLD] [VIDEO]

Something from our Japanese friends, which is coming from a French Label, Cascade Records. With the wealth of talent, it was only right for another label with aligned interests to release some fresh material.
This comp was in the works long before the cataclysmic earthquake hit Japan, and has luckily seen completion.

Dropping June 15th will be Sunrise Choir, a collective effort from the land of the rising sun - of course. Tracklist is as follows, with some names familiar, like RLP, Kan Sano, Fitz Ambro$e and others new to me:

Sunrise Choir

1. KAN SANO - So Far
2. ILL THE ESSENCE - Dots Elements
3. JAZIM - Warp
4. BUN - Africa Jazz
5. ILLMURA + BUN - Ikudouon
6. BUGSEED - Judgmatic
7. BUDORI - Beats 01
8. u.. - Blue Plum Tokyo
9. Fitz Ambro$e - Stazy
10. Fitz Ambro$e - Esprezzo Knock
11. F itLFO - dilla的な
12. Mind ToUcH - fRaGMeNtED
13. Mind ToUcH - Le PRoMiSe
14. Repeat Pattern - I Steal Everything (feat Broke & 9Planets)
15. BUDORI - Bohemian( remix by Repeat Pattern )
16. Supaluga - Badminton Club( remix by ichiro)
17. ichiro_ - Andrei Kopylov
18. Repeat Pattern - Flipbook (remix by Bun)
19. Jun Nagaosa - Future
20. RLP - Wormform
21. AZ - Beat 66
22. KK - Bang a Gong

To launch the campaign, we have a fresh video as well as a mini mix.

BADMINTON CLUB - ICHIRO_ remix / SUPALUGA from moda on Vimeo.

and the mini mix...

SUNRISE CHOIR new LP // speciaL Teaser mixed by Repeat Pattern by cascade records

As usual, hit the little arrow for the download.



Rinse FM: NMBRS ft guest Jamie xx [DWNLD]

In a show that I was able to catch live, the great Nmbrs crew mans DJs Jackmaster and Spencer as they had an equally great guest Jamie xx, celebrating his new release on the Nmbrs label, Far Nearer/Beat For which is available now on both here and on iTunes.

Far Nearer

Beat For

The two hour show was jam packed w/ bangers and what may have been a preview of some exclusives.

Nmbrs ft guest Jamie xx on Rinse FM


Monday, June 6, 2011

Teebs: Pretty Poly [DWNLD]

I knew this would come in handy. I had been sitting on this track Teebs posted some time back to his tumblr, and simply forgot to post about it.
No better time than present.
In light of his visit to Toronto this week, along with the rest of the Dublab massive, it's only right I post this track for all to enjoy.
Teebs is a cat who'e music I feverishly awaited with every leak and exclusive that came through. Ardour was a big record in my books and still gets tons of play.
So when I got wind of this track from Teebs, carte blanche here. That's for sure.

Teebs - Pretty Poly


Don't forget that Teebs and the rest of Dublab will be in Toronto Friday June 10th for Tonalism.

The Facebook Event page is here. A must.



Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cosmopolyphonic Radio: Fitz Ambrose Guest Mix [DWNLD]

It's only right. Repping JPN by way of the Canadian East Coast, we got Fitz Ambro$e who's been selected to curated the Cosmopolyphonic Guest Mix #22. Nice to hear from Fitz and his 80 some bpm beat science. If you've not come across his material, you can catch his 1st PDISO release off ICASEA to get a feel for that bass heavy, Roger Lynn swing. You can also listen to this Cosmopolyphonic Guest Mix #22 and enjoy his personal selection of tracks.


s.l.a.c.k-but love
dibia$e-living my life
Fitz Ambro$e-stazy
sir froderick-colorOfYou
mono x monkey-mo mentous//vitamin E
rigly chang-embedde
Fitz Ambro$e-faiff
Fitz Ambro$e-ebrystepu
mndsgn-pdsio rmxd
s.l.a.c.k-come inside
budamunk-killa kush//fitz ambro$e-cherri kush
t calmese-knowin'
Fitz Ambro$e-brandi joint
ichiro-pdiso rmxd
repeat pattern-franklin//fairport scarface
re:ill-1218 africa
elan-catch u rmx
cygnus-pdiso rmxd

say wrd.



Slugabed: Moonbeam Rider EP [DWNLD]

It's been quote a hot min since, I've chatted dude's name. But 1stly, wanted to send Slugabed a shout for the Ninja Tune signing. Great look. Nice to see Ninja taking a look @ the new gen of bass music and it's producers.
Based out of Brighton, Slugabed's been putting in work, and putting out tracks, from remixes to much of his original works. I used to bump into him on message boards (like that means anything), and finally got to play a show together a few yrs back.
Recently came the signing to Ninja Tune, and he's finally got an EP due out... tomorrow.

If you've ever peeped Slugabed's music, he's always had bangers. Going through my catalog, my 1st riddims were from 2008. I had his famed Superfreak rmx, and of course clunk clunk.
He's def had some releases since then and that all eventually led to tomorrow's big day: Moonbeam Rider EP.

He's had a teaser up for the last few days, so you can hear some of it.


You can also listen to individual tracks on the Ninja Tune site. In stores and online tomorrow June 6th for all to enjoy,

And here's a gift. At somepoint, I know he posted this track from his twitter acct. I had it sitting here, for when my next post came up. So. here it is. Enjoy.

Sweet Baby Electric || Slugabed



Kelpe: Same New Era

Not dropped a line to my mans Kelpe in a min. At least not since that Margins EP dropped a min ago. But what's this?? A new single coming out of the MYOR camp.

We have a fresh upper middle tempo joint, from Kelpe, that can certain speak to a dance floor like it will speak to a nice iPod mix. But man, this rmx by Niño is hella fresh. Pretty dramatic if I can say, with some welcomed vocals on top of some great drum programming. And best is this cadence that doubles up left and right on this track, adding to the impressive and impassioned track. Good call. Don't have much deets on this one, but keep your eyes and ears peeled. ;)

Kelpe - Same New Era - Snippets by cocobrycebeats



Friday, June 3, 2011

Dublab Presents: Tonalism

Man, this has been month in the making and I'm so happy to see this coming to TORONTO. Yup. There's so much that should be discussed but i'll simply describe it like this: Dublab invades Toronto.
In what will be an incredible 12hr event, we will witness some of Dublab's great come to Toronto, @ the Music Gallery, just north of Queen off John.

So much to talk about, and I will throughout this whole week, leading to the June 10th event.
In attendance, will be Frosty, Dntel, Teebs, Matthewdavid, Julia Holter, Suzanne Craft and Alexandra Pelly.

Attached is the press release which will outline all deets.

Friday June 10 • the Music Gallery presents

An All Night, 12 Hour, Multi-Media, Season Closing Fundraising Event for the Music Gallery!

Julia Holter
Suzanne Kraft
With projections by Alexandra Pelly

Plus special guests to be announced day of show via Facebook and Twitter!

Co-presented with 92BPM, breakandenter and Promise
Part of the New World / Summer Courtyard Series

Inspired by ambient music happenings of the ‘60s, the L.A. web radio collective transforms St. George the Martyr Church into an immersive multi-media experience

Event runs 6pm to 6am

Tickets $22 advance at Rotate This, Soundscapes & Ticketweb
At the door: $25 regular, $20 member

Please note: Part of this concert will take place outdoors in the Courtyard of St. George the Martyr. Seating is not guaranteed. In the event of inclement weather, the event will move inside.

The Los Angeles-based Dublab Collective recently celebrated 10 years at the vanguard of Internet broadcasting. For the final Music Gallery event of the season, they bring their all-night Tonalism installation of sound and visuals to Toronto for the first time.

Whether innovating with webcasting, exploring magic turntablism or spinning far-out, eclectic sets, Dublab reflects all shades of future roots music. Dublab chops and channels cultural influences, musical epochs and sound sources from around the world using digital alchemy. They complement their fevered musical constructions with many types of visual stimulation, from film projects to myriad multi-media performance ideas. Past participants in Dublab have included Cluster, Ranking Joe, Madlib, Morton Subotnick, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Terry Callier, Flying Lotus, Nobukazu Takemura and El Guincho.

Over the course of 12 hours, Dublab will transform every part of the Music Gallery into an all night multimedia happening not unlike something you would find in Toronto’s annual Nuit Blanche. Patrons in the Courtyard, Fellowship Room and Sanctuary will be immersed in kaleidoscopic sweep of sound, light, original artwork and performances. Tonalism is strongly inspired by the 1960's sound-art actions of Marion Zazeela, Lamonte Young, Terry Riley and Yoko Ono. The audience is encouraged to bring pillows, sleeping bags and wide open ears. 

From a musical perspective, Dublab: Tonalism will feature some of the finest exponents of the “low end theory” generation of bass-heavy electronics of Southern California. A new crop of innovators in electronic music draws inspiration from the late beatsmith J Dilla to create startling electronic collages with a strong kinship with hip-hop. The most visible exponent of this new wave of Californian musical creativity is Flying Lotus (who happens to be the late Alice Coltrane’s nephew), and Tonalism will bring this movement’s next wave to Toronto. Among the most notable are Teebs, whose debut last year album was widely acclaimed, matthewdavid, currently supporting his new release Outmind, and DNTEL, who has released several projects through the Sub Pop label and is one half of indie stars The Postal Service. Dublab main man Frosty, Julia Holter, Suzanne Kraft and visualist Alexandra Pelly will also contribute their inspiration.

Count on additional energy from local musicians, businesses, broadcasters and a few more surprises to make this one of the most ambitious events the Music Gallery has ever undertaken.

Look for daily updates leading to next week.

Say wrd.


Hudson Mohawke: Thunder Bay


I love this f*cking track. And i'm so glad it's finally coming out. Let's stop for a hot second.
Hudson Mohawke has been coming into his own beautifully. Much like a young draft pick who's studied his playbook and took control of a game with his known abilities, he's been able to find his musical lane and go pedal to the metal.
Take the early Heralds Of Change, to Butter and now this, you can hear the progression from a young man chopping up samples in classic beat science, to the current status as maestro, conductor. His tracks have become brighter, even more rhythmic than before, sounding like dramatic scores.
World famous Just Blaze went on a recent and epic twitter rant in disbelief @ Hudmo's melodious material. Glad to see more ppl come aboard. Indeed.
Got to rap quickly w/ Hudmo this weekend in Detroit, and we covered above topic. More on that coming hella soon.
In any case, this track was soundclouded 2 days back, and @ last count today: 9943 plays.
Thunder Bay is the track, and Satin Panthers is the EP which is due in August. You can download it with pre-orders. Hit Warp for deets.

And again, for those who follow and listen attentively to his set def recognize this track. What started as a show only chune, has now made the cut as a EP lead. Fantastic.

We're looking fwd.

Say wrd.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gaslamp Killer's Dublab Takeover

I was able to catch a good part of the Gaslamp Killer take over during the famous Dublab proton drive. He brought over Computer Jay, Jon Wayniac among other guests. As usual, niceness over the airwaves, and all for an amazing cause: Dublab's Tuning Into Tomorrow campaign.

GLK Dublab Takover p1

GLK Dublab Takover p2

4 hrs. Nuts.



Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ta-ku Presents SCRAPS [DWNLD]

In keeping this mini feverish pitch of rolling out some riddims, our good friend Ta-Ku né Regan Matthews has been on a certified branding campaign, setting up what is to be an official release later this year on Project Mooncircle, Faces.
If you've listen to any Ta-Ku's sound, you know that his selections are splitting at the seams with smooth soul, sonorant samples, sharp snares and electronic.

Scraps is essentially an collection of finished works scattered in different areas of his hard drive, but assembled into a beat tape - for pure enjoyment.

Available as a free download, i strongly suggest you grab your own copy and bang it out, mayne. Shouts to Ta-Ku. I see those emails man! Say wrd.


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