Saturday, May 28, 2011

All City Dublin Presents: Tessela

All City Dublin. Don't get it all twisted. They love hip hop and beats certainly. But 1st and foremost is the rhythm and swing. And that translates to all sounds. So it's no wonder to find they odd bass music one offs coming from the famed label.
This time around, they introduce us to a new find - Tessela. A 1st release from the West Country producer, and All City Dublin could not have put it any better:

Boundaryless EP from producer Tessela, the first vinyl release for the West Country producer. Making some noise in the virtual world, this foray into vinyl is a mix of styles with the heavy emphasis on bass made all the more interesting by the pitched down vocals and synths. Ravey but Dubby, Dark but fun, 3 tracks in all give a proper introduction to his developing sound.

This Push/Slugger/Subway 3 tracker EP has tempos for all to enjoy, furthering bass music's interests as a new electronic stand alone genre, and it's increasing visibility and popularity.

Tessela - Subway

Say wrd.



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