Saturday, May 28, 2011

All City Dublin Presents: Tessela

All City Dublin. Don't get it all twisted. They love hip hop and beats certainly. But 1st and foremost is the rhythm and swing. And that translates to all sounds. So it's no wonder to find they odd bass music one offs coming from the famed label.
This time around, they introduce us to a new find - Tessela. A 1st release from the West Country producer, and All City Dublin could not have put it any better:

Boundaryless EP from producer Tessela, the first vinyl release for the West Country producer. Making some noise in the virtual world, this foray into vinyl is a mix of styles with the heavy emphasis on bass made all the more interesting by the pitched down vocals and synths. Ravey but Dubby, Dark but fun, 3 tracks in all give a proper introduction to his developing sound.

This Push/Slugger/Subway 3 tracker EP has tempos for all to enjoy, furthering bass music's interests as a new electronic stand alone genre, and it's increasing visibility and popularity.

Tessela - Subway

Say wrd.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Samiyam Presents Sam Baker's Album [DWNLD]

It's been a long time coming....
I knew that this day was finally coming after hearing that the masters were getting mixed some months back. I met Samiyam aka Sam Baker almost 4 yrs ago and he had begun even then to establish his sound which had a foot in the beat science, but also had a foot in classic straight up and down hip hop. Since 2007, he's had some releases ranging from straight indie-out-the-trunk, to some from Hyperdub, Beat Dimension, to (of course) Brainfeeder as well as a bunch of remixes. But we all sat waiting for that one... The time is now here. June 28th will be the date for the Sam Baker's Album.

I still recall 2 key moments in the last few yrs: Flying Lotus playing me some advance music in a car ride, and Sam himself playing me bangers as well. That's all I needed to hear. So to start it all off, we have a leak from the good ppl @ Brainfeeder. For those familiar with Samiyam's music, this track might ring a familiar refrain, but it's a banger nonetheless, and one you can now own courtesy of XLR8R.


Here's to what will assuredly be a dope record in late June. We here waiting man. Say wrd.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gaslamp Killer x Computer Jay = HVW8 Podcast

Coming Sooooooooooooooon.

It's been quite a whilst since i've been to the HVW8 gallery. I've spent many an afternoon hanging out there. But the sight of seeing the tables and the keys all set up?? Can't wait. I bet they preview some of that new and exclusive Computer Jay coming out on GLK's label. HVW8 podcast #27 coming right up....

Stay Tuned.


Knxwledge: Live From Toronto [DWNLD]

Knxwledge came through Toronto for a sunday night affair which was an anniversary of a fashion group of cats with a Thrift store concept. Glad to see that others are paying attention to the sounds. Was a pleasant surprise.
Nonetheless, was fun to kick it w/ Knx. And best part is that he recorded the set, and uploaded it just a few days ago. Say wrd.

Knxwledge LIVE IN TORONTO (Bonus Mixette) by Knx.



Turning On Tomorrow by Teebs [DWNLD]

In support of what is one of the freshest online radio entities out there, Dublab has begun another proton drive to keep the station moving and operational. And in support of the drive itself, Brainfeeder's artisan Teebs has created a theme track to the drive: Turning On Tomorrow

Turning On Tomorrow || Teebs


Don't forget to show love to the hard working folk over @ Dublab. Say wrd.


L.O.V.E. by Onra

I saw this tweet from Onra some time back and just bookmarked it (of course), only to come back almost 3 weeks later to take a closer look. WOW.
Posting what is essentially a demo, he's had some of the most numerous plays I have seen on a soundcloud track.
L.O.V.E. picks up with Long Distance left off - retro with enough tempo to make the ladies go go. No doubt.
And @ current count, we have over 29k plays in 18 days: wow. Here's to is certainly a highly anticipated follow up to the Long Distance. Enjoy.

Onra - L.O.V.E by Onra


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stones Throw Podcast: Lover's Melt by Flying Lotus [DWNLD]

Hard to imagine something like a guest podcast would have taken this long to achieve, but it's here.
Stalwarts of Cali sound Flying Lotus and Stones Throw get together and release as part of Stones Throw still legendary podcast and rare mix from Lotus himself - Lover's Melt.

Comprised simply of records found in the valley, Flylo simply drops some of his faves for the ST and arguably his world fans. Get down w/ Lover's Melt by downloading it or stream it here - if you're @ work. ;)

Stones Throw Podcast 66 - Lover's Melt by Flying Lotus



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Solar Bears Dream Valley (Young Montana? Rework) [DWNLD]

Fresh off the Limerence buzz, the youngest in charge, Young Montana? reworks a track for the Wicklow & Dublin duo Solar Bears.
Young Montana? orchestrates a bright and cheery romantic rework that's more reverie than anything, calling on a charming melody, hand claps, some percussion and a bass line to keep it all tight. Nice one.
Best part? A freebie.

Dream Valley (Young Montana? Rework) by Solar Bears



Letherette: Ho_Tep EP2

Back at it. UK duo Letherette are back with their 2nd release on the Ho_tep imprint. New are the riddims bit classic are the sounds. Still with the soul filled melodies that got them all the attention the 1st time around, and the sharp drum programming that has pollenated many the earbuds around the inna-net. Though still more beat tape than beat science, this EP2 is certain to perk the ears of many who championed them previously: Gilles, Benji, Alex and many more.

Letherette's EP2 drops June 13th on Ho_tep on shiny black plastic. EP1 is out now, and is available on iTunes.

Letherette || In And Out


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blue Daisy's 3rd Degree EP

I still have some difficulties keeping up w/ Blue Daisy. One day he's got a release, the other he's managing, then he's out playing... Regardless, the releases have been all welcomed, and better yet played quite oft. Naturally, the news of a new release was welcomed with open arms and hard drive.
The 3rd Degree EP from Black Acre fits right in line with what I recall from Blue Daisy: hazy, dark and an almost deliberately unfinished sound - all mixed and finished with the smoothness of emery board. This EP packs a spirit of rebellion and anger, warring with his hardware to achieve his signature toxic tones. If you've seen him live, you can almost see his gas mask appear in thin air... LOL. Nonetheless, Blue Daisy delivers his 3rd Degree EP raw and unpolished. It's available now on Lim Ed wax and digital.

Blue Daisy - 3rd Degree Hip Hop EP by Black Acre Records

Say wrd.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Africa Hitech: 93 Millions Miles Tour Dates [DWNLD]


As you know, in EU or @ least UK, the new Africa Hitech, 93 Million Miles is out on Warp Records now. AMAZING.
For the rest of the world, you can now head to and listen to the rest of the record, in it's entirety. And what a gem.
Even better yet, you can also enjoy a free download of Glangslap, a song that I featured on a mix I did sometime back, and massive riddim indeed. Anyhow, make sure you scoop it.
And to round off this massive weekend, the tour dates have been released:

Africa Hitech Tour Dates:

May 13 Fabric - With Martyn, D Bridge, Instra:mental, Consequence.
May 14 Bangface weekender
May 20 Moscow Shanti
May 21 Talinn Korter
May 22 Hamburg Pudel
May 23 Rinse fm 9-11
May 26 Fwd London
May 27 Horst - Berlin
June 3 Camp London
June 4 Ireland Cold pro music festival
June 10 Glasgow - Stereo
June 11 H313 Koko London
June 12 Glade festival Africa Hitech and Global communication Dj set
June 16 Budapest A38
June 18 - Sonar Festival

I'm looking to seeing both Pritch and Spacek. This is going to be big.

Make your plans now. ;)



Low End Theory SF: Tour Featurette. [VIDEO]

Clips from the most recent Low End Theory - the new San Fran montly - in it's 4th installment.



Pursuit Grooves: Frantically Hopeful EPK

Was tuned into a man like Alex Nut and heard this new track from NY'er Pursuit Grooves. Even more pleasantly surprising was the fact that she was releasing w/ Tectonic Recordings. Love that Pursuit Grooves just quietly grinds away and creates her own lane. Writing, producing many sounds. She def puts in the work.
Sadly missed a recent show she had down the street. :(. Soon come.
Nonetheless, looks like we're looking @ a June 13th release of the record.
6 Track EP for wax, 11 track CD.

Transformation Of Consciousness - NEW ALBUM by Pursuit Grooves

You can catch the EPK here where it's all broken down. ;)

Say wrd.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

SertOne: Versions [DWNLD]

Something else coming from a man like SertOne. As he rides the wave from the recent release from Melted Music he keeps busy banging away on tracks and remixing what he sees fit. We def recall that Crystal Castles refix that was kinda type bananas, so if you missed that one, worry not. He's assembled a bunch of his remixes onto on freebie called Versions.

1. Kev Brown - Allways (SertOne Remix) 03:54
2. Halves - I Raise Bears (ft. Katie Kim) (SertOne Bootleg Remix) 02:05
3. Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith - Not In Love (SertOne Remix) 02:40
4. Nouveau Palais - Drama (SertOne Remix) 01:52
5. JR & PH7 - Fast Lane Speedin' ft. Oddisee (SertOne Remix) 04:34
6. JR & PH7 - Top Rank (feat. Guilty Simpson & Black Milk) (SertOne Remix) 05:39
7. Little Brother - The Way You Do It (SertOne Remix) 03:00
8. DOOM - Gazzillion Ear (SertOne Remix) 04:35
9. Bain - Mr. Many Enemies (SertOne likes craic remix) 03:14
10. Busta Rhymes - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (SertOne Refix) 03:22
11. Koreless - 4D (SertOne Remax) 06:02
12. Machinedrum - Let It (SertOne Remix) ft. Melo X 04:00
13. Starfawn - Greenlight (SertOne's Blissful mix) 04:28

You can grab this comp over @ his bandcamp page.

BTW, one of my fave refixes of his?? This Feist one is simply delightful... and on the house.


Say wrd.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Matthewdavid: Noche y Dia / San Raphael [VIDEO]

I keep having these conversations w/ some friends about MD aka Matthewdavid, and my input is that dude is a breath of fresh air in the environment. The Leaving Records principles of abstract, lo fi and simplicity seem to agree with me. I can pop his music in and have it go all night. Nonetheless, here's a new video from the Outmind LP, Noche y Dia / San Raphael



Friday, May 6, 2011

Cathode Girls by Com Truise [DWNLD]

Playing what he calls mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk, Com Truise sets the pace and begins the countdown to his Ghostly debut Galactic Melt.
Bridging the gap b/w what older Gs can get into, and what some of the younger cats are discovering, Com Truise's release is bound to be a very interesting one to say the least.
And to set the tone, we have a freebie courtesy of the good ppl @ Fader.

Com Truise, "Cathode Girls" by The FADER


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